How To Write A How To Article

by Samantha Reyes

When it comes to doing how to articles many student have difficulties doing so. They don't know what their claim or main idea should be. They have no clue on how to go on about writing the steps. They don't even have a good idea on what else to include to make their "How To" even stronger. It's important to know how to write a how to article. This skill can help students in the future as well as at home and school. This skill will help them be better organzied and more informative.

Step 1

To start off you're going to need a claim/main idea to write your "How To." If you don't have an idea on what to focus on here are some examples. Write on:

  • how to make a milkshake
  • how to make a youtube video
  • how to play a sport (soccer, football, volleyball, etc.)
  • how to cook a specific food (chicken, soup, burger, etc.)
  • how to look stylish everyday (hair, nails, makeup, clothes, etc.)

Step 2

When introducing your steps you have to present them. Before presenting each paragraph a line before you have to write "Step (*)." Depending on how much you're writing it's not limited at most.

Step 3

You'll want evidence when presenting your steps to ensure the reader that your steps are helpful. In the article How to Improve Communication With Your Parents, the writer Lauri Revilla with the help from Demand Media, presented the PEN (pause,empathy,needs) idea from the site Psychology Today:Improving Connection When It Counts - Using the PEN Method. Using evidence from credible sources will help ensure the reader you are serious and very helpful.

Step 4

Another important atribute would be using strategies in your article if needed. Presenting strategies will open more possibilities to better what your claim is (like sports or cooking.) This will cause the reader to use their mind and think more. in the same article How to Improve Communication With Your Parents, they introduce the PEN method as a solution with any conflict that you with your parents.

Step 5

The last step would be to make sure all your work is organized and easily understandable. Make sure anyone able to read will understand your instructions. The introduction paragraph must be first. Your steps must be in order from 1 to depending how many steps there are.


How to Improve Communication With Your Parents - Lauri Revilla, Demand Media

Psychology Today:Improving Connection When It Counts - Using the PEN Method