Indians In Canada

By : Gene Rogers

The Problem of Indians

Indians are what causes all the problems in Canada. All you need to do is look at the state of Fort Vermilion, and you can see that Indians are the sole problem of our small community. They are good for nothing, and no matter how hard you try to teach them , they are stupid and will never learn anything. As I have said before "these are Indian kids. It doesn't matter if you teach them or not. They don't learn very much." You can just look at this image of an Indian woman, and you can already see the vacant look in her eyes. You think that they will have an intellect that is anywhere close to ours?

How do we fix this problem?

We fix this in a similar manner such as how they have done so in many countries. These Indians are inferior to us and we should not live side by side in our towns and cities. Instead we should impose a policy of apartheid similar to South Africa, where the Negroes, and other inferior races were separated from the whites living there. Our communities should be all white, and segregated from the Indians and their backwards religions and lifestyles.

The Indians should not even deserve the right to education in our country, or even live on the same land as us.

About Myself

As a man who deals with Indian children all the time as the principal of both the Indian and Separate schools in Fort Vermilion, I have first hand experience when dealing with Indians, and know what they are truly like. The Indians are a plaque to our nation, and this problem must be dealt with soon before it is too late. I believe in the purification of Canadian society, and how our taxpayer's money in Canada is being wasted on education of the Indians. You can see this in Fort Vermilion, where the Indians spend multiple years of education in school, only to end up living on government money. These lazy Indians are a drain of the federal budget, and they will never learn anything no matter how hard you try to teach them.

A Personal Example

In Fort Vermilion, the Father of the Ferguson family, Hank Ferguson was also a teacher at the Fort Vermilion school. He believed that the Indians were equals who deserved proper education, and even went and taught them how to read and write. The most notable example of this was Bud Peyen, an Indian man who he taught to read and write. Hank had also gone out of his way to start a boy scout group for Indians. I find this to be a waste of time and effort, as Bud Peyen had later became an alcoholic and became unable to work. All of Hank's time put into that Indian had gone to waste, and this event would have been prevented if there was segregation between us and the Indians. If Hank had never interacted with these Indians, all his time and effort would not have been wasted. Therefore, I rest my case upon the subject of where Indians should be in our society.