Bennett's Book Nook II

By: Patrick Adams

The Black Death

Top Ten List

#1 In certain places people openly blamed others in their midst for the pestilence and death: the immoral, the poor, foreigners, or Jews.

It's so like people to blame other people for anything even today. If something wrong is happening to one group and they can't explain it they just blame someone else instead of solving the problem. They could even ask others for help or do whatever they're doing to stay healthy.

#2 At various times Jews were accused of and/or punished for ritual murders of children, mistreatment or desecration of the Eucharist, and the poisoning of wells.

Why must everyone everywhere gang up on the Jews? Even Chirstians and Muslims who worship the exact same God as they do just treat them like dirt. I personally don't know much about the Jewish faith but I sure it's not as bad as people say.

#3 The female figure evolved into a more terrifying and potent savage woman stalking her prey. Really, why must people do this to each other ? Women were effected just as bad the men. Horrible plague should of brought people together when people died instead they turn on each other.

#4 In 1966 Rand Corporation, a political and scientific think-tank, commissioned a study of the Black Death with the intent of determining the possible social effects of thermonuclear war. I think things would be different comparing a plague and nuclear war. Lots of people will die in both ways but with nukes your vaporized. For people in both predicaments who survive it will be chaos for awhile before things cool.


Thematically Speacking

When I read The Black Death it almost felt like I was reading a text book. Now unlike most text books I was actually interested on what I was reading. The book told lots of things I never new about the Black Death and it made me feel happy I was born in the 21st century. The most interesting thing as this book is how much people were effected by the plague both who caught it and who whiteness it. Millions of people died during the plague so much in fact when their were too many corpses the living dug one big hole and piled up all the dead bodies. The part of the book that bugged me is how people treated each other during the plague.

If the plague didn't kill you someone blaming you started the plague will. On of the most commonly blamed groups of people were the Jews. I never understood why people hate jews and I may never will but I do understand it's wrong. Many people died in the medieval times because of they were too stupid to realize what was going on. I know people weren't genius back then but no one guessed it was rats or fleas who like sleep in straw which was what was the roof tops were made of in those days. I guess I can't be to mad about that mostly because it was like 700 years ago and most importantly and obviously Eurupe survived this horrible thing and I hope this teaches us for future out breacks.

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