Columbus day SHOULD be celebrated!!

By: Diana Diaz

Evidence #2

We wouldn't be here, in America, today if it wasn't for him. Christopher Columbus sailed the ocean blue in 1492 on the Mayflower. He discovered the Americas 520 years ago! Imagine where we would be without him today? Would we be in China ruled by a communist government? Or would we be in Afghanistan having to deal with war around our country? If it was not for Columbus, who knows where we would be! Our lives would deffinately be completely different and maybe we would not have the same rights that we do today. Why should we stop celebrating this man's grand discovery now? There is absolutely no reason to do so. We have been celebrating his victory for centuries and it should remain that way.

Evidence #2

Columbus possessed many admirable qualities. Not anyone could have the skill and the drive that Christopher Columbus had. He was a very skilled sea captain. If he wasn't as skilled as he was, he would have never came across to discover America. Columbus also contained an immense amount of courage. If he was a coward, then he would have never have had the guts to explore the world and eventually find land that we now call our home. He was also a very determined man. Christopher knew what he wanted his task to be and was determined to make a new discovery, and he did. With hard work and dedication, Christopher Columbus shows us that all of this pays off. Any American, or any individual at all can look up to Columbus and his great discovery. Why would anyone not want to celebrate someone who shows us that hard work will get you somewhere.

The Route

This is a map of the route that Christopher Columbus took on his journey.