Donna Coleman

Proficiency Requirements and other information

Technology Basic Proficiency-required of all professionals by the end of their first year.
Technology Proficiency is required of all professionals by the end of their third year.
The Technology Integration Academy is required of all professionals(except nurses) to complete Integration Proficiency.

Paraprofessionals are no longer required to meet proficiencies under this plan.

Video Conference Updates

Curriculum coordinators must approve the content of VC.
Request put in Eduphoria/Helpdesk
There is not a budget for VC, need to search for freeVC.
Julie Elder is contact person.

Equipment check out
Flip Cameras
Sony Digital Cameras
Write Grants!

Important Dates

Dates to Remember

Digital Citizenship complete by November 15.
Star Chart Deadline is December 13.
Techno Expo is 2/27/14
Techno Palooza July 23 and 24th.
Teacher Acceptable Use Policy will be ready when you return. They revamped some of it.

About Your Ipad!

Teacher are responsible for their Ipads.
Teachers will use their own itunes account. They can not use school itune account and ipad will not be plugged into Ipad carts.
They are getting cases for your ipads. It is just not a top priority right now.