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This Week's Shout OUTS:

  • Kathy Rallings for being so wonderful while testing my kiddos! She takes a not so fun situation and makes it fun for my little guys :)

  • Jill and Stacey for helping with Intervention. You ARE making a difference in the time you spend with third graders!! Thank You!!
  • Diane Zwart for her time in my class during Literacy! You deserve credit for growth in reading this time in MClass! Your time MATTERS!! Thank you.
  • Thank you Jorge Puerta for taking care of the whole school last Friday! YOU ROCK!!!

  • KPD who hijacked the student data google drive and added all the SRI scores! What a blessing she continues to be from afar!

  • Diania Mirian who gracefully let us steal her sub for Thursday so Jill Kristek could go home and be a mama to a sick baby.

  • Carolyn and Sara who managed Friday without a Holly due to a sub shortage.


  • Many of you have had to make many accomodations this week due to all the sicknesses we have had. Thank you for helping even when you really didn't want to. We thank you truly.

PES Core Beliefs

  • Everyone is of value and has a gift to share.
  • We each learn at a different pace.
  • Everyone deserves a quality education.
  • Relationships are key.
  • Teaching the whole child is essential.
  • Every child deserves a fair chance.

Congratulations to Our Colleagues

Moore County Schools recognizes individuals who have served the county for every five year. Many thanks and appreciation to the following individuals:

Andrea Judge - 5 years

Jane Scruggs and Renee Wood - 10 Years

Miss Margaret Luck - 15 years

Meg Demolet - 20 years

Cathy Wilkison - 25 years

In the Week Ahead.....


Pledge - Williams

Bus Duty pm - Dexter

Auditorium - Judge/Dontje

Bus/Cafeteria am - Blue

Carpool IA am - Swinnie

Year Round Students:

mClass MOY window—January 5-27

SRI MOY benchmark—January 6-15

K-2 Writing Assessment—January 4-15 (this is a local window and we can extend if necessary)

Traditional Students:

mClass MOY window—January 6-28

SRI MOY benchmark—January 6-15

K-2 Writing Assessment—January 4-15 (this is a local window and we can extend if necessary)


MLK Holiday - No school


TR End of Quarter


TR K-2 Report Cards due to Ciccone



Grades/Verification Sheets due to Colby by 10am


Optional Workday - TR/YR

In the Coming Weeks....

January 26

3rd/5th grade trip to NC Symphony at PHS

January 29

MCS School Board and Student Council Meeting 12:30pm

Feb 1

PAMS Performance 1:30pm - Entire School Assembly

Feb 2

Community Information Session at SCC Owen's Auditorium regarding Sales Tax Referendum 6:30pm. Will last one hour; Please be there if at all possible.

Feb 4

Health Screenings - 1,3, 5 grades

February 9

Parent Advisory Council Meeting 7:30am

Feb 11

Inventor's Day - info to come

February 15

Optional Teacher Workday

February 18

Second Grade Performance - Details to Come

February 26

Early Release