bad bad drugs

please don't do drugs i'am trying to save you

4 phrases of drugs






A medicine or other substance which has a physiological effect when ingested other wise introdued into the body

types of drugs

Knowing the drug classification can provide the health care professional with a great deal of initial information. However, there may be many different drugs with many different names within a class. There may be a chemical name, generic name (non-proprietary) or a trade or brand name (proprietary). The FDA web site has volumes of information relating to pharmacology and is a very valuable resource. The particular address below takes you to the home page for the Orange Book. One of the features of the Orange Book is that you can search for different names for the same drug. Identify 3 trade or brand names for:

  1. acetaminophen
  2. ibuprofen
  3. lidocaine
  4. mepivicaine

first effect

your'll have a head ake

second effect

your lung's die

third effect

it charge your face

first statistic

almost 50% of high school seniors have abused a drug of some one

second statistic

by 8th grade 15% of kids have used marijuana
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