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New Program Supports Student Learning

The Behavioral Side of Learning

When most people think about learning, they think about academics, grades, tutorials, studying, or tests. However, there is another side of learning: the behavioral side. One definition of behavioral learning is when students make the choice to learn. Choices impact behaviors, and behaviors impact choices. Students have the choice to participate in class, complete work, turn work in, and attend academic tutorials when they need support from teachers in a skill or subject. Students choose their behaviors for how they are going to learn.

Here is a list of specific choices that are considered to be the behavioral side of learning:


*engaging in the learning process

*following an instructor's mandatory formats for notes, essays, projects, etc.


*submitting work on time

*work completion

*work submission

It is vital to a student's academic success to master the behavioral side of learning. Teachers provide daily work and assessments as a way to see where a student's strengths and challenges are. If students choose not to participate or complete work, teachers are unable to support students on the academic side of learning because teachers will not have enough information to determine where a student needs support.

Let's all work together to shift the mindset of our students' understanding of the behavioral-side of learning!

New Program: M.A.P. Sessions

What are M.A.P. Sessions?

M.A.P. is an acronym for "Missing Assignments Prohibited." LHS will be offering M.A.P. Sessions every month this school year as a way to support teachers' efforts in the classroom and to increase student learning outcomes by holding students accountable for the behavioral side of learning.

When teachers assign something for a grade, that assignment--daily or major--is IMPORTANT enough for US (teachers-->students-->parents-->administration) to ensure that students compete that assignment. Students do not get to "opt out" of completing assignments, so if a student chooses not to complete an assignment, teachers will assign a M.A.P. Session to the student.

Both the student and the parent will receive an electronic copy of the M.A.P. Session Ticket, so please make sure that your email address is updated in the Parent Portal. Additionally, students will receive a hardcopy of the M.A.P. Session Ticket to bring with them on their assigned day.

Students are able to complete and submit their missing work to their teachers before their assigned M.A.P. Session to be removed from the list, but they must notify Dr. Bollich who will then verify with teachers that all work has been submitted.

Failure to attend M.A.P. Sessions will result in further behavioral consequences, such as D-Hall, Thursday/Friday/Saturday School, or ISS (In-School-Suspension). Students will have the opportunity to complete all missing assignments in these behavioral sessions and will be removed from these behavioral lists once all missing assignments have been submitted.

Student Information

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What are my responsibilities regarding M.A.P Sessions?


  1. Check your school email daily. a. If assigned to a MAP session, let your teacher know--by Tuesday--if you will need transportation home.

  2. Bring hardcopy ticket to the Commons and sit at your designated table. Tickets will be collected for attendance and transportation purposes.

  3. Work on missing assignments. Refer to your MAP Session email or your student portal for missing work.

  4. Email jbollich@livingstonisd.com if you complete and submit your missing assignments to your teacher before the MAP Session. *This will be verified by teachers.

Will the work I make up bring up my grade?

The LISD grading guidelines are still in effect for all late assignments regardless of your attendance in M.A.P. Sessions.

Grading Guidelines (All Grade Levels)

Approved grading guidelines for each grade level or course will be communicated to students

and their parents by the classroom teacher. These guidelines establish:

● The minimum number of assignments, projects, and examinations required for each

grading period;

● How the student’s mastery of concepts and achievement will be communicated (i.e., letter

grades, numerical averages, checklist of required skills, etc.);

● Circumstances under which a student will be allowed to redo an assignment or retake an

examination the student originally failed; and

● Procedures for a student to follow after an absence.

Page 55 of the 2021-2022 LISD Student Handbook

Dates/Time/Location of M.A.P. Sessions

There will be M.A.P. Sessions held in the LHS Cafeteria/Commons on the following Wednesdays from 3:30 - 4:30:































No sessions

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