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Dr. Alexander Dill

The Brain

Recent studies report that the average human brain weighs 3 pounds, and that the cerebrum is the largest part of your brain. In fact your skin weighs 2 times more than your brain. And that your brain is made out of billions of neurons. Plus the brain is 75% water. If you ever hit your head without a skull your brain wont feel the pain. Your brain has 100 billion neurons in it. Human brains are 60% white matter and 40% gray matter. Plus there are 100,000 blood vessels in your brain and your brain stops growing when you are at the age of 18 years old. The human brain is the fattest and largest organ in your body. Do you think being read to is boring? Well you should enjoy it because being read to or reading aloud can activate brain growth. So every time you get bored you should appreciate that your getting smarter. And have you ever realized how men and woman receive pain differently? Well studies have reported that men and woman receive pain in different ways so the other person who gets hurt might not be as weak as expected.
Have you noticed how sometimes woman take a long time to make decisions, As men take longer? Well girls are more likely to stick with what they chose instead of men who are more likely to change what they chose. And have you ever felt like you have a word on the tip of your tongue? This is a syndrome named Anomia for when you can almost remember a word, but it just won't come to you. Sleep it makes it harder for your brain to create memories. Did you know if you don't remember a dream you still had one in fact most people dream 1-2 hours a night and have 4-7 dreams every night. And if you want to remember your dream write it down in under 5 minutes or over half the dream will already be forgotten another 5 minutes and over 90% is already forgotten. About 12% of the worlds population dream in black and white instead of color. Plus did you know if your snoring you are actually not dreaming. When your sleeping your body produces hormones that make it so you cant move when sleeping which is why you don't act out your dreams when your dreaming. Japanese Researchers developed hardware that allows you to transmit a persons dream on a screen as they are dreaming it. To me it sounded a bit impossible, but I guess its not.
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