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Week of February 3 - February 9


From February 3 - February 7 we will be celebrating Spirit Week at the Middle School! Please participate in our theme days by wearing the following:


Our very own Elijah Barsoum was chosen as the Lions Club District 14-P winner of the Peace Poster Contest! He placed 4th in the entire state! We are all proud of you, Elijah!


We are celebrating literacy at the middle school with changing our GRAB (Go Read a Book) schedule. In the past, we read every Friday at the end of the day. Because students often had homework and other things to do 8th period, we decided we would take a different approach. Starting now, we are having two days a month when the ENTIRE building reads from 10:00-10:25 A.M. This includes students, teachers, office staff, cafeteria staff...EVERYONE! Students still have all their classes for the day and their 8th period, so they can get their work done and other activities. If you wish to, feel free to join us from home between 10:00-10:25 on this month's GRAB days February 11 and 27 and read for enjoyment!


Yearbooks are on sale NOW. Please visit the middle school website to order. Orders are due by March 31

The Blazer Spotlight - Mr. Bo Shappell

Name: Bo Shappell

Position: Physical Education Teacher

Years at Daniel Boone/Total Years in Education: 11

The best part of my job is: students finding joy in exercise and moving the body. I love seeing kids find something that they really enjoy whether it be a team sport or individual activity.

When I am not at school, you will probably find me: Reading a book, listening to a podcast, walking my two dogs, or doing something physical like weight lifting, running, or yoga.

What profession, other than your own, would you want to do if you could?

Why? I would say personal training. I did that part time years ago and really enjoyed it. Much like my students finding joy in exercise and moving their body, I enjoy helping others find that spark within themselves as well.

Three things you might be surprised to know about me are:

I went skydiving once. It wasn't as scary as it sounds.

I wrote a book, All In: The Mindset of Fitness. It was an amazing process during the journey.

I created a patent pending product for youth. Although the patent wasn't successful, it was a humbling experience from start to finish.


Forms are now being accepted for Spring Sports!

- PIAA physical forms and other district paperwork can be found at the Athletic Office, the middle school main office, or a the school's website under the 'Athletics and Activities' tab.

- If you played a fall or winter sport, you only need to complete the re-certification (Section 7)

- If this is your first sport of the year, the entire packet needs to be completed and you will need a physical.

1) Physicals will be held at the high school main gym on February 18 at 5:45 PM

2) Please contact the athletic office by February 3 to make an appointment. NO WALK INS

3) A $25.00 fee is due at the time of the physical

4) If you are using a private doctor for a physical, forms are due February 24



Saturday, February 8 @ Tom Ott Wilson Classic (Wilson High School)


Monday, February 3 v. Twin Valley 3:45


Monday, February 3 @ Twin Valley 3:45

Wednesday, January 29 v. Exeter 3:45


Congratulations to our TSA Regional Competition winners!
Biotechnology Design

1st Place - Team 902 - Cali Worrall, Stef Le, Roman Chernesky

3rd Place - Team 901 - Cooper Biskup, Evan Gruthrie, Tommy Bell

CAD Foundations

1st Place - Jen Pritz

Career Prep

2nd Place - Claire Yocum

Children’s Stories

3rd Place - Team 901 - Connor O’Brien & Riley O’Brien


1st Place - Team 902 - Colin McCouch & Steven Ha

PA Delta Dart

6th Place – Elijah Savina

8th Place – Patricio Honore Jr.

Digital Photography

3rd Place - Rithu Subbiah

Essay’s on Technology

3rd Place - Cali Worrall


7th Place – Tommy Bell

8th Place – Will Falstich

Forensic Technology

1st Place – Team 901 - Maddy Chernesky & Cali Worrall

Inventions and Innovations

1st Place – Team 901 - Stef Le, Isaac Kremer, Sopheya Banos, Cooper Biskup

Junior Solar Sprint

2nd Place - Team 901 - Stef Le, Cali Worrall, Katie Gershen, Maddy Chernesky

6th Place – Team 903 – Evan Guthrie, Cooper Biskup, Tommy Bell, Anthony Bolling

Mass Production

3rd Place - Team 902 - Morgan Kelly, Evan Andros, Billy Bulafka, Jake Decray

Mechanical Engineering

1st Place - Team 902 - Callista Basile, Elijah Barsoum, Colin McCouch, Steven Ha

2nd Place – Team 901 - Rithu Subbiah, Isaac Kremer, Stef Le

Medical Technology Issues

3rd Place - Team 902 - Cali Worrall & Roman Chernesky

PA-Materials Processes

2nd Place - Mia Smith

Off the Grid

1st Place – Team 901 - Cali Worrall, Stef Le, Katie Gershen

4th Place – Team 902 - Declan Hamblen, Brody Pallidino, Bre Marchiano, Nathan Kardos, James O’Neil

Problem Solving

1st Place – Team 902 – Declan Hamblen & Brody Pallidino

PA Safety Illustration

3rd Place - Mia Smith

PA Snapshot

1st Place - Luke Schafer

Technology Bowl - Written Test

2nd Place – Roman Chernesky

Video Game Design

3rd Place – Team 901 - Cooper Biskup, Evan Guthrie, Jake Decray, Anthony Bolling, Tommy Bell