Aaron Keudell

S'mores Five themes of Meography


  1. Absolute location is a specific location
  2. Relative location is approximate location
  3. Absolute location of Richmond 45°27'14.4"N 94°31'07.0"W
  4. Relative location: My home town of Richmond is pretty large. Cold Spring, Paynesville, and Rockville are near Richmond. It takes close to an hour to get to Albany.


Physical Characteristics are is natural Features

Physical features

  1. Grass
  2. trees
  3. hills
  4. field
  5. woods

Human Characteristics are what you placed there

Human features

  1. bricks
  2. rocks
  3. sheds
  4. electric fence
  5. gravle

Human-Environmental Interaction

Human-Environmental Interaction is how people adapt to,modify,and depend on the envierment


Movement is the way people,products,ideas and information move from one place to another. I get to one place by bus and car. Shirts and foods. Witch they come from china.


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An area that is defined by similar, unifying characteristics


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