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JUNE 1, 2021

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Congratulations to our outstanding teacher Mr. Cate, who MEA teachers have voted as Mt. Everest Academy's Teacher of the Year! Mr. Cate teaches 7th grade World History/Geography, US History/Geography, Government, PR Economics, AP US History, AP European History, and Spanish 3, 4. He also coaches the Academic League which has continued to meet over Zoom this year, and placed 11th at the National Championship Tournament! We are very fortunate to have a teacher with Mr. Cate’s innovation, compassion, and creativity here at Mt. Everest Academy!

See Mr. Cate's Teacher of the Year page from the 2020-21 yearbook.

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For your convenience this year, the returning of library materials and re-enrollment for 2021-22 are being done at the same time. The schedule to come to campus has been set up by grade level and by last names.

Please see this DETAILED SCHEDULE by last name.

  • K-5th - May 24-26 (missed Elementary returns may come to one of the Secondary times, June 1-4)
  • 6th-12th - June 1-4

  • 2021-22 enrollment forms will be available for you to sign. If your address has changed, please bring a new proof of residence.
  • Please come to the ELEMENTARY GATE (enter through the Wiggin Annex parking lot)
  • If you have students in various grades, please come during the designated time for the highest grade level and we will accommodate for all of your students.
  • Master agreements will still be signed in August when textbooks are picked up

Know what you owe! To view your library account, go to our MEA Destiny Home page

  • Follow the login instructions (student ID and password).
  • After logging in you can find “Know What You Owe” under “How to…” in the top left column.

Please note, there are no more material checkouts in the auditorium.


Sexual Health Awareness Week

Grade 8

  • June 1 and June 2 / 12:30-2:00
  • June 3 / 10:30-12:00
  • Information and Zoom link was sent to parents' emails

Grade 10

  • June 1-3 / 10:30-12:00
  • Information and Zoom link was sent to parents' emails

Grades 9, 11, 12

  • June 3 / 10:30-12:00
  • Information and Zoom link was sent to parents' emails

For more information on Sexual Health Education in SDUSD, please see the link here.

SSC/SGT Meeting

Wednesday, June 2

2:00-3:00 pm

Zoom: https://sandiegounified.zoom.us/j/89056497845

All parents are invited to attend the School Site Committee (SSC) meeting. The SSC is a shared decision-making body composed of parents, staff, and students. Our Council identifies needs for academic programs and sets budgets to support these programs. More information, agendas, and minutes can be found on our SSC/SGT webpage. For questions, please contact Principal Browne at cbrowne@sandi.net

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For all events on campus, the following SDUSD Covid-19 safety protocols will be in place.

To attend, each person must either:

  • have a symptoms checklist form completed, or
  • fill out a ClearPass using the student's district ID and password, and then show a screenshot for campus check-in

Other requirements:

  • Everyone in attendance must wear a proper face mask
  • No food or drinks will be served
  • Bringing a water bottle is suggested. Drinking water is permitted as long as 6 feet apart from others.

Summer Art Show & Yearbook Signing

Thursday, June 3


ON CAMPUS! Following safety procedures

Since we are missing our annual picnic this year, the art show has been expanded to include:

  • Yearbook signing (bring your yearbooks and pens)
  • Summer art show (see artwork in person and meet some of the artists)
  • Meet & greet fellow MEA community members

Hope to see you there!

Note that the artwork will also be on display at the upcoming on-campus grade level promotion ceremonies.

MEA Seniors to share advice on college applications

Monday, June 7


Zoom: https://sandiegounified.zoom.us/j/83270964963

ASB will be hosting a college app advice panel on June 7 from 12:00 to 12:45. Panelists will be graduating seniors from MEA ready to answer students’ questions about the college application process and share their stories. All high schoolers are welcome to come and ask questions!

Promotion Ceremonies

ON CAMPUS! Following safety procedures

Kindergarten: Tuesday, June 8, 10:00

5th grade: Wednesday, June 9, 10:30 _ RSVP here by 5/28

8th grade: Wednesday, June 9, 1:30 _ RSVP here by 5/28

* All promotion ceremonies will also be livestreamed on Zoom

* * SENIORS * *


Details of these important dates for Seniors


Tuesday, June 1 - Thursday, June 3


Thursday, June 3


Friday, June 4 / 10:00-12:00 / MEA Campus

  • Can also turn textbooks in on Tuesday, June 1, 10-12:00 or 1-2:30


Friday, June 4 / 12:30-3:30 / MEA Campus, following safety procedures

  • Required for all seniors


Thursday, June 10 / 12:30-1:30 / Mt. Helix Park Outdoor Amphitheater


Friday, June 11 / 5:00-6:30 / Mt. Helix Park Outdoor Amphitheater

"Senior Shelf" Legacy Project

Dear Seniors-

What is your favorite novel? Why do you love it? Would you like to share this beloved story with the greater, and future, MEA community? Please consider donating a copy of your favorite book to our MEA library. We hope that this will be the start of a multi-year project, in which the class of 2021 would be the first to participate!

Your selection will be included on the "Senior Shelf" as another legacy project that you can visit when you return to visit your alma mater (which we hope you will do- a lot!). You will also be able to add a few personal comments on a bookplate that will be placed on the inside cover.

Guidelines: Please make sure the book's content is school-appropriate (high school and below). We will support anyone who needs help acquiring or purchasing the book. Funds are limited, so it would be first come, first serve. Please feel free to contact me by email, and include the title and author of the book (and particular edition, if that is important). It is also perfectly fine for you to donate a gently used, pre-read copy that you already own and are willing to share with your fellow MEA Wolves!

We would like your books to be brought in no later than next Friday, June 4 at the Senior Celebration. You will be able to handwrite your thoughts on the bookplate at that time. You can also send your thoughts via email to Ms. Mullen (nmullen@sandi.et), and she will print them out and put them in your book selection. You can drop books off anytime before June 4th into a box in front of the office. Please put your name on the book somewhere.

Thank you for considering participating in this project. We at MEA all hope you will consider leaving a little, "literal" piece of you in the small but mighty MEA Library!

Seniors vs. staff kickball

An old school, blacktop, kickball match took place last Monday between a group of soon to be graduating seniors and staff. While some of the students needed help with the basic rules of baseball/kickball (force out rule anybody?), a good time was had by all. After the lopsided loss in the staff vs students Academic League match earlier in the school year, a sense of redemption was achieved as the staff dramatically came from behind to win the kickball match 11-10. Clutch baserunning by Principal Browne in the bottom of the last inning tipped the scale in favor of the staff. As far as we know, no one was injured, which was the ultimate goal of the game! We are going to miss the senior class!


Senior Scavenger Hunt

The seniors had a wild time getting reacquainted with the school's campus in an amazing race type game. They read the clues and had to find the location to get a new clue. The teams did really well and earned some great prizes!


First place: Copper group – Colin, Yusuf, and Aaron

Second place: Gray group – Ben, Rhys, and Kate

Third place: Grape group – Schuyler, Elizabeth, and Sam

Fourth place: Cornflower group – Fenna, Zach and Len

Fifth place: Razzmatazz group – Colton (injured), Toler and Grant

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Conversation with Dr. Rajmohan Gandhi

Last week the SDUSD Youth Advocacy department put on a live virtual appearance by Dr. Rajmohan Gandhi, the grandson of Mohandas Gandhi. MEA students Chloe Moya and Fayyad Hassan were co-hosts for the event!

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Painted Ladies

Mrs. Finney’s K-2 Unplugged group watched Painted Lady caterpillars go through their life cycle.

Unfortunately, the butterflies emerged from their chrysalises a couple of days too late for the students to see them in their final life stage.

Ms. Karen and Mrs. Finney released them in the garden, and they really liked sitting on the plant leaves.

You can see in the picture below the differences between the Painted Lady and the Monarch butterflies.

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"Olympic" events

Here are just a few of the many activities that Unplugged students in grades 3-5 enjoyed last week!
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Humans of MEA

In the final episode of this school year, Nicole Lee interviews Sam Mullen.

Episode #12 Video

Episode #12 Transcript


New Imacs

The computer lab has grown. We've just added 10 new 27" iMacs to the lab in Room 6. These are the biggest and fastest computers we've ever had at MEA! We acquired them through a grant from the College, Career and Technical Education department of San Diego City Schools. We can't wait for you to get a chance to check them out next year.

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Level Up SD - Summer Program

Registration is now open!!



This is your opportunity to get a one-of-a kind, during a pandemic shutdown, uniquely memorable yearbook. So get zooming (not the video meeting kind) and order it now!

Click to Purchase Your 2020-21 MEA Yearbook

  • School Passcode: 1013183679162246

This year's book gives each student 2 free pages to fill with their own photos and memories.

Previews of the Mt. Everest Academy 2020-21 yearbook below.

Student Covid-19 Testing

San Diego Unified has partnered with UC San Diego to provide FREE COVID-19 testing at every school campus for all of our students. Testing is an important part of our district’s plan to protect our community from the spread of coronavirus.

COVID-19 testing information


The district will NOT be administering the CAASPP assessments this year. Instead, we will be administering shorter Math and English exams to grades 3-11 as well as a very short SEL Survey to grades 4-12. Students will receive more information from their teachers. Some grade levels and subject areas have already completed the required assessments. Others will be completing them in the coming weeks.

By taking these exams, we ensure that Mt. Everest students are meeting all expectations and it validates the existence of our unique program. We encourage all students to participate! (High school students earn volunteer hours for participating as we see this as a service to our community.)


MEA Foundation is fully registered with AmazonSmile as a 501(c)(3) nonprofit! When you shop at AmazonSmile, Amazon.com will donate to MEA Foundation at no cost to you!

First, go to https://smile.amazon.com/ch/84-2089378 and set your charity to "Mount Everest Academy Foundation".

Then, always start your shopping at https://smile.amazon.com and shop as usual while supporting our school!


We had a productive garden hour (with some chicken treat time) on Wednesday, replanting several of the half wine barrels with summer crops. The students selected and then planted the seeds, as well as treated the corn crops in the front garden with an organic fish and kelp fertilizer—it may be stinky, but corn plants (being heavy nitrogen feeders) need it!

It’s always peaceful, productive and fun in the MEA gardens!

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* * GOOD STUFF * *

We know MEA students and families are involved in so many things outside of school. Do you have something fun or interesting to share? Please send your stories and images to share for "The Good Stuff" in upcoming Monday messages to Linda Ele at lele@sandi.net. We want to hear from you!

Kyra, 9th grader, to study abroad next year

I’m so excited to announce that in late August I will leave to spend my sophomore year abroad in Germany!

I am honored to be an official “U.S. Student Ambassador” through the Congress-Bundestag Youth Exchange (CBYX) Program. Each year the U.S. State Department and German Bundestag jointly fund 250 students ages 15-18 across the nation to spend 10 months living with a host family in Germany.

Given our countries’ continued improvement with Covid, the program has a green light for 2021-22. I will miss everyone at MEA, but am looking forward to what’s to come!

See you in 2022!

Kyra Boyd


Ally Action Worksheet

MEA Ally Action has created this worksheet to help people learn more about pronouns. It explains the use of different pronouns and provides practice for using them in ways you may not be used to. Knowing how to use a person's pronouns correctly is one of the best ways to be an ally to trans people, so we strongly encourage you to take the time to learn this! Feel free to share this worksheet with others as well.

Disclaimer: We are providing this worksheet in accordance with the Fair Education Act (SB48).


Mr. Ron Zappala is the Head School Counselor at Mt. Everest Academy. Please reach out to him him with any counseling questions at rzappala@sandi.net.

Opportunity Scholarships for the Class of 2022

The College Board Opportunity Scholarships offer nearly $5 million each year to reward your efforts to plan and pay for college. There are 6 college planning steps to complete for 6 separate chances at $500. When you finish all 6, you’ll be entered into a drawing for a $40,000 scholarship, but you can still earn money even if you don’t complete them all.

Learn how Juliana Balanzar of La Jolla High won $40,000.

How to read a transcript

Here’s a short video on how to read a transcript, created by SDUSD.

It’s important that high school students understand transcripts for:

  • Graduation status
  • Four year planning
  • Post secondary planning

Free Community Assessment Team (CAT) Services

CAT Services flyer

The CAT program is a resource program under SAY San Diego. Say, San Diego is a long standing, local Non-profit program that has worked with San Diego Unified families for years, specifically offering free counseling, case management and basic needs assistance for school aged youth from 6-18 years of age. This is basically a one stop help with academic, behavioral or general issues that can arise especially during this time of distance Learning. Their services do not require health insurance, if that is a families preference or situation.

Community College information

Students taking community college classes during the Summer will need to buy their books and materials through the Mesa Bookstore or online (amazon, chegg, etc). You will not be billed through your portal for books.

High school students enrolled in 11 units or less will have their enrollment fees waived, but will be billed for the health fee (roughly $22). Enrollment fees may take 10-12 business days to clear of their balance.

High school students can now begin submitting supplemental applications to the campus where your course is offered as soon as you select your class(es) off of the summer class schedule. You will be enrolled by Admissions around open enrollment May 17, 2021. Please note: all High school students have a hold on their record and are not able to self enroll. Students must meet class requirements prior to being enrolled by Admissions. If you feel like you meet pre-requisite requirements for a class you can take a subject assessment to determine your eligibility. Please submit your supplemental applications for Fall as soon as the Fall class schedule becomes available on June 7th. Keep in mind to schedule classes at the community college that do not conflict with our MEA study group schedule.

Summer 2021 College Dates

Summer Class schedule- April 19, 2021

Open Enrollment - May 17, 2021

First day of Summer - June 7, 2021

Fall 2021 College Dates

Fall class schedule - June 7, 2021

Open Enrollment- July 19, 2021

1st day of Fall - Aug 23, 2021

Summer Community College Classes

For Sophomores and Juniors wanting to take a community college class in the Summer, please note that the Summer 2021 college class schedule release has been postponed to April 19, 2021. You can view the Summer online class schedule after April 19.

Students need to apply to the community college district if they have not done so. In addition to this, students will also need to complete and submit this online Supplemental Application. Once submitted, students will be scheduled by the community college. Summer classes begin June 7th.

Here is general Mesa College Summer information.

JUNIORS: Poli. Sci. CCAP options for next year

Mesa has offered another CCAP option for our students. In addition to math 150 and 151, Seniors next year can take Poli. Sci. 102 and 121 to meet the Government and Economics graduation requirements. However, I have met with many of this year’s juniors for articulation before knowing this was an option, so I would like for the juniors who have already met with me to know that they can email me to change to the Poli. Sci options for next year and for those who have not met with me to be aware of this option.

- Mr. Zappala, rzappala@sandi.net

Endless Possibilities

SDCCD Endless Possibilities

Your guide to majors and programs of interest at the San Diego Community College District. They offer endless possibilities for your career journey with a wealth of opportunities for pursuing your education. The SDCCD strives to make their students successful by dedicating their resources to quality instruction and stellar support services.

Class of 2021

Seniors, this Counseling & Guidance Resources webpage was designed with you in mind. From the page you will find helpful resources to support your senior year: understand the college application process, cope with the stressors of transitioning to college and navigate the challenges of senior year.


Y4C Summer Camp

Youth 4 Climate is a program under San Diego 350 with the goal of empowering youth to find their voice for an equitable and resilient future. We are putting on our second virtual Y4C Summer Camp for high school students in San Diego to help youth learn about and take action for climate justice.

The theme of our first session is “Discover Your Passion, Make It Your Power!” and it will run for three weeks, from June 21st-July 9th. Youth will spend 3.5-5.5 hours per week:

  • learning about climate change,

  • connecting with like minded peers,

  • hearing from climate experts, and

  • developing projects to tackle climate change!

Participants are also eligible to receive a certificate of completion and community service hours.

Session I of the summer camp costs $60, but nobody will be turned away from lack of funds. If you’re interested, please fill out this interest form to receive a registration link. People who register before June 14th and attend the camp will be entered into a raffle!

Please email Megan Phelps (she/her), the Y4C Intern, with any questions or comments: megan@youth4climate350.org.

* * * * * * * *

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