"The Three Questions"

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What are the features of the earth's , crust , mantle and core ?

The earth's crust is a very thin layer of rock.The crust makes up 1% of the earth's rock it has dirt and topsoil.

The earth's mantle has the earths rock and the earth's magma. It is cold an damp and has most of the caves.

The earth's core goes down 780 miles and is the hardest to drill through it is where the lava is made.

How do geologist learn about the earth's interior ?

geologist collect samples from the ground and study them for where they came from.


what are some terms I should know.

earth - the planet on which we live .

Rock - the hard, solid material that the surface of the Earth is made of.

diamond - a very hard usually colorless stone that is a form of carbon and is used especially in jewelry

geology - a science that studies rocks, layers of soil, etc., in order to learn about the history of the Earth and its life