PACK Update

September 14, 2020

ARIS Weekly Announcements 200917

Something to think about...

When you were very small and learning to walk, people around you probably said things like: "Come on! You can do it!" With encouragement from others, learning to walk was much easier.

No matter how old we are __ whether we are two years old or eighty years old __ we all need encouragement from those around us. We need to be encouraged to be the best we can be.

Now listen to these words from famous German author, Goethe (GER-tuh):

If you treat a man as he is, he will stay as he is; but, if you treat him as if he were what he ought to be, and could be, he will become that bigger and better man.

I wonder what would have happened if everyone around you had expected you to crawl the rest of your life? Do you think you might still be crawling?

Today, let's give each other enthusiastic words of support. Let's expect only the best from ourselves and each other. If Goethe is right, we can all be bigger and better people with a little encouragement.

-Project Wisdom, 2018

Teacher Shout OUTS!

From Mr. Anderson

Jamielle M-Sharing her amazing piano playing skills in our class talent show!

Ryan B-Showing us some of his skateboard tricks!

Isaac C-Showing us some of his scooter tricks!

Kyle M-Sharing his amazing singing ability during out class talent show!

Logan H-Showcasing some of his basketball spinning skills in our class talent show!

Esteban C-Sharing his new piano playing skills inour class talent show!

From Mrs. Sexton

Abigail Q-Participating and being KIND

Ruby W-For being so kind to everyone!

Gianna R-For always participating

Aaron A-helping others solve tech issues

Andrew C-Handling tech issues with a positive attitude

Toviel D-Being responsible

Alexis M-Being responsible

Robert S-Participating in class

Mason B-Being kind and helpful

Alexandre H-Being kind and helpful during class

Devom B=Being kind

Audrey A-Great participation

Kaden H-Being very responsible

Alana S-School spirit

Jaden E-Being responsible

Brian R-Amazing participation

Annalisa O-Amazing participation

Valeria G-Being accountable and responsible

From Mr. Benor

Sofia C-sofia works really hard to make sure that she understands all of the assignments that she works on

Alexis A-Alexis is such a kind person! She is appreciative of what she has

From Mrs. Brasher

Samantha M-Won In N Out for participating in Spirit Week every day!

From Mr. Everett

Brooklyn R-for being compassionate and caring

From Mrs. Coltey

Benjamin H-Thank you for attending office hours and handling business! You are amazing!

Luke N-Thank you for always completing your work on time and trying your best! Way to go!

Joaquin G-Thank you for always being so friendly in class!

Justin C-I love that you stay on top of your assignments!

Isaac R-I love how determined and responsible you are!

Mason M-Awesome job with your successful leader Flipgrid video!

Joshua W-Thank you for always participating in class!

Elizabeth C-Thank you for staying on top of your assignments and grades

Ashley E-Thank you for asking great questions in class!

Adalyna C-Thank you for staying on top of your school work!

Mrs. Eckenrod

Andre A-For alway;s meeting me on Zoom with your camera on and a SMILE! Always so polite and ALWAYS participates!

Kristin M-AMAZING artistic ability on her version of a successful AVID student! Awesome job!

Jackson H-Always participating in Zoom meetings, always helpful to others and very kind!

Jayden D.P.-BEST FLIPGRID Quarter 1 goal video EVER! Very creative and made me laugh while getting the task done!

From Mrs Knox

David H-Positive attitude, awesome participation and a joy to have in class!

From Mrs. Geist

Isaac R-Positive vibes and lots of happy smiles!

Nixon H-Tech troubleshooter and helps others in class!

Who are we?

Ramirez is a model school where learning is the only option. We provide an environment that is safe and caring, rigorous and engaging. We ensure all students learn with the supports provided. We know that our strength as a school is found in our collaborative spirit.

We value relationships, high expectations and support. We work hard to incorporate these each and every day!