By:Melissa Duarte

On November first they celebrate all the children that died.November second it is when they celebrate all the adults that died.It is mostly celebrated in both private parts places mostly in graveyards.This holiday is mostly about celebrating all the friends and family members that died.


Many people on day of the dead do altars.You can do an altar in a shoebox or on a little table .In the box you can put pictures of the person that died and their favorite thing.


An offering is a like an altar but you honor the memory of you ancestors.The offerings is set on a table, covered with a fine tablecloth preferably white.Then the tablecloth,cut tissue paper,is set over the cloth.


Marigolds are flowers made out with tissue paper.It is tradition to make flowers or just a decoration for altars.To make a marigold you need pipe cleaners and tissue paper.First you fold the tissue paper in half vertically,and fold the half horizontally.Then, you fold the tissue paper like if you are going to make a fan.Lastly you take the pipe cleaner put it in the middle of the tissue paper turn the pipe cleaner and make it tight.Then you cut a little bit of the ends,then you lift up the tissue paper one by one and you have your marigold.


My family member that died was named Liliana Duarte Gonzalez.She was only 2 months old when she died.She was only 6 months a half when she was born.The thing that she liked was a dog stuffed animal.she hugged it,she moved it around in her sleep.although she was just a little baby but I can tell that she loved it when anyone held her hand because she will open her eyes and smile.