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Jefferson Union High School District

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April 20, 2021

Return to Campus Updates

The JUHSD Executive Cabinet presented an update on Return to Campus and COVID-19. You can view the video at this link. The presentation is available at this link.

Topics covered in this presentation are:

  1. Facilities
  2. Transportation
  3. Student Counts
  4. Mental Health

Housing Board of Directors Appointed to Oversee Employee Housing

This resolution appointed Directors who will work to establish a non-profit corporation for the purpose of managing the operations of the district’s Faculty and Staff Housing Development. The proposed Directors include two Board Trustees, one district employee, and three community members with backgrounds in development/housing.

The official formation of the corporation comes at a later date, after the appointment of the Directors.

Equity Statement

The Board of Trustees, along with the District's Equity Task Force have written an Equity Statement which will be used to inform policies and practices throughout our school district. Our Equity Statement will serve as a roadmap for decision making, and will light the path for systemic change. Now that this has been approved by the Board of Trustees, we will share the Equity Statement widely with our community of stakeholders.

JUHSD's Equity Statement will be revisited yearly, and updated as needed. Here is the approved statement:

JUHSD uses our educational systems to right current and historical inequities by examining and understanding how our decision-making reinforces or interrupts injustice. We embrace inclusion, value diversity, and educate ourselves in order to confront and dismantle systemic inequities to bring about a more just society. JUHSD commits to engaging, educating, and empowering ALL students, with an intentional focus on those under-served, inadequately served, or disenfranchised by educational institutions and systems, eliminating disparities in educational outcomes.

JUHSD Trustees

2020-2021 Student Trustees

  • Madeleine Hur, Oceana High School
  • Lucca Garcia, Jefferson High School
  • Charles Green, Jefferson High School
  • Irene Lee, Westmoor High School
  • Mustafa Abuzahriyeh, Westmoor High School
  • Joe Murphy, Terra Nova High School
  • Helene Kleinfeld, Terra Nova High School

Additional Information

The next regularly scheduled Board Meeting will take place Tuesday, May 4. Public session begins at 7 pm (unless otherwise noted) on the JUHSD YouTube channel.