Notes from the Media Center

February 2016

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Hello from the Media Center!

You may or may not know this, but there is a lot going on in the library these days.

You may have noticed some new arrangements in the library and maybe a few messy shelves. Pardon our progress as we are in the midst of transferring our cataloging system from the Dewey Decimal System to the Genre style. Please bear with us as we make this transition.

Technology Talk

Welcome to GoConqr

Web 2.0

Have you heard of Web 2.0? Most likely you know of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Wikipedia, but did you know that Web 2.0 is much more than social media? And that social media can be used for more than social media? There are thousands of Web 2.0 technologies out there that are just waiting to be explored and most of them are FREE!

Here are a couple that might be useful:

ExamTime: This is a great site for utilizing flashcards, creating online quizzes, slideshow presentations, creating and sharing mind maps (concept maps), and setting up a study timeline and study aids. I particularly like the Mind Maps as it allows students to utilize an online tool to brainstorm or display their knowledge on a subject while embedding images, manipulating the style, and collaborating online within groups.

GeoGuesser: This website provides thousands of maps and games for exploration. This might be a great resource for geography or social studies as it allows students to explore all around the world with real-time Google Map images in conjunction with global maps. A great site to show just how big our world really is!

Globaleria: This site offers STEM based games designed by students and teachers. It also offers courses, lessons, and instructions for having students design their own curriculum and standards based games. If you are feeling particularly “techy” this would be a good site to explore and share with students.

Important Notes

  • Overdue Items: Teachers, please encourage students to remember to return any overdue materials. Overdue notices are coming up and as we make this new cataloging transition your help with this is greatly appreciated.

  • Laminating: Teachers, so as to be a good steward of our resources I will be designating Mondays as “Lamination Day." Please leave items that you wish to be laminated in the box marked “Laminate Please” that will be located on the Media Center Circulation Desk by Monday, 1st period. I will have these items laminated by the end of the day and can be picked up in the Media Center Copy Room.

  • Student Cabinet: There will be a designated cabinet in the Media Center for extra supplies for students such as: Scissors, pens, pencils, rulers, calculators, colored paper, markers, 3-hole punch, earphones, and printer cord. Please encourage students to use this resource.

  • Student Sign-In: Please help me to remind students that they need to sign-in at the Circulation Desk if they are not with a class while visiting the Media Center.

  • Technology: Please remind students to return the Chromebooks or iPads to the corresponding numbered slot and plug them in when using these technologies.

Your help is greatly appreciated!!!

A little "Thank You"

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So far, this journey has been fantastic and I am enjoying getting to know all of the faculty, staff, students, and community. Thank you all for such a warm welcome and all of your help and support as I begin this new adventure.

Please look for more things to come in the Media Center and do not hesitate if you need anything!