Valentine's Day

The history of valentines day

Valentines day is the day of love

By: Dakota Taylor

Valentine's Day

Valentine's day is on February 14th. It is were you can show your affection for your family friends and loved ones.


Did you know that 150 million cards are given out every valentines day? Cards are a big part of valentines day you can ask people to be your valentines or just send your friend a friendly card.


Poems are a way to express a lot of things. Valentines day poems are a way to express your feelings about someone.
The History of St. Valentine's Day

History of St. Valentine

300 years after Jesus Christ's death the roman emperors made the people believe in the roman gods. Valentine a Christian priest was thrown in jail for his teachings. On February 14, Valentine was beheaded. Before he was beheaded he made a the jailors daughter see again. He left her a farewell letter and signed it "From your Valentine."