The Garden of Eatin'

Jamison's Community Garden

We're Back and Better than Ever!

Our Garden of Eatin' has a nice selection of plants this year...tomatoes, onions, peppers, cucumbers, beans, eggplant, and a wide variety of herbs. The plants are growing nicely, but plants, like kids, don't take care of themselves. That's where you come in...We're looking for families to help take care of our garden over the summer. Because you'll be helping our school and community, you can earn community service hours for helping us out.

Your Mission should you Choose to Accept...

Our goal is to make your week of gardening an enjoyable experience. Weeds will pop up and need to be pulled. Check out our "Weeding 101" video for a quick lesson on how to pull weeds. Consistent watering is also imporant. It's best to water in early morning or late afternoon. Check out our "Watering 101" video at the bottom of this page for a quick explanation of how our watering system works!

To Pick or not to Pick....That is the Question!

We're not talking about picking your nose...we're talking about knowing when to harvest all the delicious fruit and vegetables in our garden. Once something is ready to harvest, please send out a group email to all of our gardeners. If you have helped take care of our garden, you can share in our harvest. It's almost like a farm share program, but this is free. All it costs you is your sweat and time. Feel free to email me if you have any questions about when to pick something, or check out this link to learn more abut the perfect time to pick what we've planted....!
watering 101
weeding 101