First Grade Teacher

Kennedi Davis


A first-grade teacher teaches a class of children from the ages five to six. Many first grade teachers must be well at communicating with young children and encouraging them to learn. Since many first graders are still learning how to behave teachers must have a high level of patience.

Working Conditions

For most of the day first-grade teachers are on their feet teaching and may be at their desk

for a short amount of time grading papers or creating lesson plans. The teacher spends most of his/her day with the children.

Training/Education Needed

For a first-grade teacher a master's degree is required and sometimes a bachelor's degree. You also need to have a state license and internship is often required.

Personal Characteristics

You must be patient, creative, and you must have a broad education plan when working

with little kids.


The average first-grade teacher makes $60,548 yearly. First-grade teachers get summers off and a few other holidays. It's fairly easy to find an available job as a first-grade teacher.

Education Spotlight

1. Arcadia University

2. Pennstate University

3.Florida Southern College


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