Ms. Strain's Class

Welcome all who support creative minds!

Here is to a New Year of Learning!

Greetings 3rd graders and Families,

I am so excited to jump in and begin teaching your hard working students! I am Sarah Strain, I am twenty six years old and have recently graduated from an amazing Elementary Education Licensure Program at The University of North Carolina Asheville. I was able to learn many skills of becoming an elementary educator throughout the course of the program. I student taught for thirteen weeks at Evergreen Community Charter School in the fourth grade over the course of this fall, working with many teaching mentors that taught me the skills of succeeding as an educator.

Now, a little bit more about myself, I began my career as a student at Warren Wilson College in 2007, and graduated with a Bachelor of Arts degree in 2012. Integrating the arts is something that I hold closely, and believe that it provides ample opportunity for students to learn and grow. I am very experienced in working with children of all ages. I was a private and group Swim Instructor at the YMCA of Western North Carolina for five years. This was the experience that opened my eyes to the passion I have for teaching within the classroom. I have also been a nanny for a four year old and an eighteen month old, a position I have held for the past three and a half years. Teaching children is my passion, and I am so thrilled to have the opportunity to begin the process of getting to know each and every one of you, especially your children.

Communication is my number one goal, and I will strive to be sure that everyone is tuned in to what is going on within the classroom as a whole and on an individual basis. I am a firm believer in teamwork, for it takes a team to succeed. This is how I view myself, your children and you; as a team. We all will work together in every way to provide your children with the opportunities to succeed during the second half of this third grade experience.

Feel free to reach out to me whenever you need to. I look forward to getting to know you, your students and everyone else who is significant in your lives!


Sarah Strain

Morning Meetings

"Morning Meetings" and/or "Closing Meetings" are whole class meetings that I was first introduced to during my student-teaching phase of the education program that I recently graduated from. Morning Meetings occur first thing in the morning when all students arrive on time. Closing meeting may happen at the end of the day before students are dismissed, but Morning Meetings will ALWAYS occur. I find these meetings to be extremely beneficial for all students. These are times where students are able to come to mutual agreements about their learning and the environments in which they need to be exposed to in order to succeed. Morning and/or Closing Meetings are opportunities for students to express their feelings about how the class is performing as a whole. It is also a time for individuals to express their feelings openly to the group. This system of communication is a window for our classroom community to express their feelings, expectations, appreciations, anticipations and many more. There will be a time set aside in the morning (Morning Meeting) and/or at the end of the day (Closing Meeting) that our third grade students and I will use to reflect about our school days (i.e. what went well, what did not go so well, what we could do to improve, what we could continue to do to ensure success, etc.) These are times where we actively discuss as a whole group, during meeting, what we were, or were not successful with, and what we need to improve on. I firmly believe that students (of any age) benefit from meetings because it is a chance for them to feel a part of their classroom community and that they have an equal say in what occurs within it.

Our classroom will be a tight-knit community, open to new learning experiences to enable everyone to succeed!

Remember, we are a TEAM!

Again, please feel free to contact me when need be. I am here to ensure that you and your children are comfortable and open to an inviting learning environment where everyone will have the opportunity to succeed in their own and unique ways!

Math games

*games that are kid-friendly and easy to use

*games that are kid-friendly and easy to use

**This is a website that I highly suggest using with your mathematician(s) when learning new concepts and practicing existing ones. Definitions and examples are aligned nicely with mathematical language that may be used in End Of Grade testing (EOG). Definitions are also "kid friendly", creating an opportunity for your students to fully comprehend concepts!

Pictures to keep you updated on what is going on in our room!

I would love to post pictures of our class doing what they do best, learning and thriving! Please contact me via email for permission to upload photos of your children. If this is something you are not interested in, that is completely acceptable. Just let me know either way.

I love photography, it is one of my hobbies in life. This is a great opportunity for you to feel connected to daily activities that occur in our learning community and a chance to see your children in action in the classroom!

Things To Turn In This Week

Parent Inventory: I am hoping each of you received a parent inventory to fill out for me. If you did NOT then let me know and I will get you one. These came home on Thursday. If you would please be sure to send those back to school, so I can look over them. Hopefully Tuesday 1/26/15!

Reading Log: Students will be coming home nightly with a reading log. I expect them to read for thirty minutes each night (school nights; weekends if they would like!) for reading homework.

I PICK Good Fit Books

I PICK is a method that we will use in our classroom for your students to find books that are a good fit for them. I: I select a book and look it over, inside and out. Purpose: Why might I want to read this book? Interest: Does this book interest me? Comprehend: Do I understand what I am reading? Know: Do I know most of the words?

We will be creating an anchor chart to hang in the room for students to refer to when independently selecting books. I highly encourage you to use this method with your children when choosing books to read from the public library, or home! This will become a life long skill, and it is important to model for students the ways we choose the books we read as well.