Poverty Around The World

By David, Olivia, and Ashton

GDP vs. Literacy Rate

y = 0.00049x + 79.59581
r = 0.57
Domain: 0 </= 50,800
Range: 80 </= 108
Has a positive correlation

The information below contains a slight positive slope, in which demonstrates how the literacy rate correlates with the GDP per capita. The more money going in, the more people have the chance to read.
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GDP vs Ethnic Rank

y = 0.00117x + 56.9979
r = 0.39
Domain: 0 >/= 60,000
Range: 59 >/= 125
Has a positive correlation

The correlation of GDP per capita and ethnic diversity is very weak. This is because those two factors have very little connection. Though the graph has a weak correlation it does hint a positive correlation. It’s a very small hint, but it’s there.
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GDP vs Mortality Rate

y = 0.00003x +7.17234
r = 0.14
Domain: 0 >/= 40,000
Range: 7 > 9
Has a positive correlation

Based off of the data in the graph above, there is a very weak positive correlation between mortality and GDP per capita. With the exception of a few outliers, most of the points fall near the trend line, showing that mortality may be slightly impacted by GDP per capita.
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GDP vs Unemployment rate

y = 0.00009x + 8.38581
r = 0.24
Domain: 0 >/= 60,000
Range: 8 >/= 13
Has a positive correlation

Based off of the data below, there is a slightly positive correlation between GDP Per Capita and unemployment in a country. However, the data is so widespread that the correlation is practically useless, showing that unemployment does not depend on GDP Per Capita.
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GDP Per Capita Vs. Life Expectancy

y = 0.00025x + 68.172
r = 0.46
Domain: 0 >/= 60,000
Range: 69 >/= 81
Has a positive correlation

According to the graph, life expectancy is already high, but it shows a moderately strong positive correlation. It shows that those with lower GDP per capita live slightly shorter. This is most likely because those with her GDP per capita have more money and access to medication. If we can increase the GDP per capita, then life expectancy should go up.

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Solving The Problem

Since it was concluded that mortality is dependent on GDP per capita, providing these countries with more funds will lower the death rate. With these funds, the more impoverished countries will have the funds to properly vaccinate citizens with updated medications. Providing a country with these funds will also enhance the quality of local water and nutrition.
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