Santa VS the Grinch

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It was Christmas eve and Santa was putting the rest of the presents in his infinite bag and getting ready to get on his slay, but he had no know idea that something was lurking in his bush. It was something mean, something foul, a bad banana, it was the Grinch. So while Santa was busy the Grinch sneaked in his house, hoping to steal some of his most precious valuables. As he was stealing items, an idea had struck his head. He thought if he could beat Santa in a duel he could ruin Christmas forever. The Grinch, tip-toeing lightly, was sneaking up on Santa. Rudolph, the red nosed reindeer, had caught sight of the Grinch and dashed to warn Santa.

"St. Nick look out behind you," yelled Rudolph.

Santa turned and saw the Grinch.

"Hey your not supposed to be here, go home or you will face the consequences," roared Santa.

The Grinch, who had a ravenous expression on his face, lunged at Santa. He tackled him on to the ground and was trying to scratch his face while at it. Since Santa was obese he had a disadvantage against the Grinch, but Rudolph came dashing again and nailed the Grinch right on his head with his bulky head. Santa got up and knew what he must do, he snapped his fingers and spiked gloves appeared on his hands and Kevlar body armor on his body. The Grinch came thrusting at him again and Santa was getting ready to lay a big uppercut. The Grinch leaped and Santa hit him right on the chin and the Grinch went straight up in the air like a rocket.

"Wow Santa did you just knock him to outer space?","Yep I did Rudolph, we don't have to worry about him anymore.

Phrases, Clauses, and Sentences used

  1. Prepositional phrase
  2. Participial phrase
  3. Appositive Phrase
  4. Adjective Clause
  5. Adverb Clause
  6. Compound sentence