Leadership, Through My Eyes

Leadership has many forms. A leader is defined differently by many people. I have a few qualities I expect in a leader.

Every leader is different in some way. However, most successful leaders share similar qualities with each other. A leader is able to rally a crowd. They are able to express the emotion that helps people realize the importance of a situation. They are willing to work with the group to achieve a goal, not just give commands.
A leader is a firm believer in team work. They help out with the work instead of making more. They are their if you need their help. They are more of a friend than a boss
A leader should be inspirational. They should motivate you in many ways.
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"Lean On Me" is similar to what I expect in a leader. Someone to help you, not just expect results. A leader should be there if you need thier help.

Lean On Me (Live) From a 1973 Concert