Candy Dichotomous Key

By Briann Johnson


1a. If candy has chocolate, go to 2.

1b. If candy is fruity, go to 3.

2a. If candy has caramel, go to 5.

2b. If candy doesn't have caramel, go to 4.

3a. If candy is multicolored, go to 7.

3b. If candy is not multicolored, go to 8.

4a. If candy is crunchy, it is Chocolatus crunchicus.

4b. If candy is not crunchy, it is Chocolatus nougatem.

5a. If candy has more then just caramel, go to 6.

5b. If candy has just caramel, it is Chocolatus carameltim.

6a. If candy has peanuts, it is Chocolatus peanutus.

6b. If candy has biscuits, it is Chocolatus biscuitus.

7a. If candy is chewy, go to 9.

7b. If candy is not chewy, it is Fruitius nerdium.

8a. If candy is powder, it is Fruitius dippicus.

8b. If candy is not powder, it is Fruitius chewium.

9a. If candy has a thin hard shell, it is Fruitius rainbowes.

9b. If candy does not have a thin hard shell, it is Fruitius juciem.