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Baker's Blog - January 11

Report Cards go home on Tuesday.

Homeroom Teachers: TKES Mid-Year conferences will be scheduled on Monday, January 11 during your planning time. Please meet in room 131. We will meet as grade levels for this conference (Individual conferences may be requested as well). We’ll also begin to look at data during this time. Please bring iReady and Writescore data. K & 1 also bring DI. Resource teachers will be scheduled for the afternoon of Monday, January 11.

PLCs meet on Thursday. With the new semester, it’s a good time to review your team norms. Please do so.

Involvement Committees meet on Wednesday.

SACS team leaders will begin to schedule meetings soon.

Save the Date: February 12 will be our schoolwide STEM Day. Every classroom will conduct a special activity that day. Mark Petkewich will share some possible STEM challenges for teachers to consider. More info to come.

Sunshine celebration on Friday.

Special thanks to Carol Fordham for helping sort the GMAS individual student reports. Big thanks to Janine Fordham for filing these reports in PRs for all 4th & 5th grade classes

All teachers should set AR goals for the marking period. If you have not already done so, be sure to set students goals.

Thanks to all individuals or groups who submitted Foundation Innovation Grants. I hope we will have several selected for funding!

Let’s have a great week!

Reminders for the Week

  • January 11 - TKES Midyear/Grade Level Data Meetings
  • January 12 - Report Cards Go Home
  • January 13- Involvement Committees
  • January 14 - PLCs
  • January 15 - Sunshine Celebration
  • January 15 - Kindergarten Pajama Day

What If...

every child understood the importance of healthy living and fitness.