World's Culture

Culture and YOU!

What is culture?

The way of life of people who share similar beliefs and customs.

Components of Culture

  1. Social Groups: Way scientist classify people, poor, rich, middle class.
  2. Language: Unifying force for a culture. Dialects are local forms of language.
  3. Religion: Explain's life basic questions.
  4. Daily Life: How people live from day to day, dress, food, homes.
  5. History: People's holidays, success, heroes, and dark periods.
  6. Arts: Tells what is important to the people. Example: music, painting, entertainment
  7. Government: Rules people live by. Major forms (democracy, dictatorship, monarchy)
  8. Economy: How people make a living.

Cultural Change

Cultural Diffusion: Spreading new knowledge and skills to other cultures. Spreads quickest by technology. Examples: languages, beliefs, job skills, food, dress, music

Civilizations: highly developed cultures.

Culture Regions: different countries or areas that have traits in common.