Capgras Delusion Syndrome

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Secrets of the Mind Capgras Delusion

What is Capgras Delusion Syndrome?

Capgras Delusion Syndrome is when someone someone who has syndrome beliefs that a loved one, friend, pet, or plave is replaced by an exact look-alike (like an imposter)

How it affects your body?

When the brain is working normally you look at an object or a face, a message goes to the temporal lobes, from there you recognize the object, or not, you will emotionally respond to the object. After you identify a face or object it gets transferred to your amygdala which is a gateway to your limbic system. The limbic system is the emotional center of the brain...

Now when you have Capgras Delusion Syndrome any of those parts of the brain would be damaged in any sort of way...

Body System and Sytems by Capgras

The brain (nervous system) is affected by this syndrome because of your temporal lobes, amygdala, and your limbic system (in the center of your brain) is all damaged in anyway.
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Target Poplulation

Capgras Syndrome is frequently found more in females than male, with a Female:Male ratio of 3:2. 0.12% of our general population in the US has capgras sydnrome.
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How does the condition arise?

Capgras mostly occurs in people associated with paranoid schizophrenia, which is a mental illness in which a person loses touch with reality. But Capgras has also occured with brain injuries of anysort.


Capgras Delusion Syndrome is a distinct condition/mental illness and can only be mistaken for one other disease which is Prosopagnosia. Prosopagnosia is a illness that is very similar because you can not recognize the face. But Capgras is very distinct because usually the patient will be complaining of how their family member, car, place, etc. has been replaced by a exact look alike. By looking at a medical record its most likely that a brain illness or injury has occured before, this will usually confirm the syndrome.


Capras Deulsion Syndrome can not cause death...


I dont know anyone with this Syndrome and there is no known celebrity with this syndrome either.


People who suffer from Capgras Syndrome take therapy for treatment and thats mostly succesful. But there are medicinal treatments that have shown success, like Antipychotic and other therapeutic drugs.