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Kindergarteners have been working very hard on learning the art of screencasts. They have learned about our tool the stylus which helps us write on the iPads. With the app Screenchomp, Kindergarten students started writing beginning letter sounds when looking at different pictures. Students are now practicing writing their names and different words as they record their voices saying the letters as they write them. The best part is when they get to listen and see themselves writing their own names!

1st and 2nd Grade

Students in 1st and 2nd grade have done a lot of work with App Smashing. They have been creating in one app then pulling their work into another app. Some apps we have smashed are PicCollage, Screenchomp, Tellegami, and the Green Screen app. We have been focusing on characteristics of fiction and non fiction as well in the LRC. Students have started developing their skills in order to review books and create video book trailers using these apps.

3rd Grade

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The 3rd graders have been doing a great job using their research from Science class in the LRC. They have taken the research they did on their planets and added graphics to the facts in Pic Collage. From there they have been importing their images, recording their voices, and adding annotations in Explain Everything. Next up is publishing their work to Canvas!

4th and 5th Grade

4th and 5th graders have been hard at work with Genius Hour. They have pinpointed their interests, formulated essential questions, and started to perform research on their topics. Students have started to formulate ideas for their final projects and how they will share what they have learned! Check out the Maker Space door to see what we are "currently researching."

Students have also been watching inspirational videos and reflecting on them through Canvas discussions. Meet some children who have been inspiring us to think big, follow our dreams, and know that we are all geniuses.


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A big congrats to the 3rd graders who are the first to have earned a Makerspace Day! They rocked it!