47th Edition: October 20, 2017

Pilgrims on the Way of Truth

Quarter One in the Books!

When the last bell dismissed the students today at 10:37am, we could actually hear the collective sigh of relief! Students poured out into the beautiful sunshine and headed off to enjoy a hard-earned weekend break. We are so proud of all of our students for their hard work as they prepared for these exams! For our freshmen, this marks their introduction to the next level of academic challenge...and they successfully met that important milestone! For our's overwhelming to think that this time, next year - they will be facing mid-terms in college!

That is what we continually consider: what do we need to do here at Marian Central - in the short four years we have - to BEST prepare our students to succeed in college and beyond?

The answer to that comes with so many facets to consider. How do we spiritually prepare them for college? We want the moral and spiritual lessons we have been instilling in our children to sink in for when they need it the most. How do we prepare them academically? It has to be more than just obtaining college admissions and scholarships. Once they are in college - we want them to have the work ethic, spiritual fortitude, and academic endurance to be successful when things get tough. Because it will. Those of us with college-aged students remember "the call" that usually happens around week 4 of freshman year. The one where we hear our child hit their first major challenge or deadline, or even realize they may need to change majors. This is where they begin to tap into the "muscle" that they have developed through their education and the love and support they've received from us all.

We reflect on our goal and the mission of our school. We dedicate ourselves to forming and sending our students on to the next challenge of their lives. With every challenging class the students face, with every moral or spiritual lesson they learn through experience, with every mistake or victory - our students are becoming that much stronger for what they have yet to face in their lives.

And four years will only feel like a minute when we look back at it...

Week At-A-Glance: October 21 - 27, 2017

DAILY Mass is celebrated in the chapel at 2:40 pm - ALL ARE WELCOME!

Eucharistic Adoration or Confessions available during all lunch periods this week!

October 23, 2017 (Mon)

SWEATER SEASON BEGINS TODAY! See MC Uniform Guide for details

  • 1st Period: University of Kansas rep in Guidance
  • 3rd Period: Colorado State rep in Guidance
  • 8th Period: Edgewood College rep in Guidance
  • 9th Period: Ball State University rep in Guidance

October 24, 2017 (Tues)

UNDERCLASS PORTRAITS, all day through PE Classes (full MC uniform required!)

  • 7:40 am: Rosary Service in Chapel
  • 3rd Period: Univ. of Illlinois Champaign-Urbana rep in Guidance
  • 9th Period: Senior Assembly in Cafeteria - Jostens Grad Announcements/Caps & Gown measurements

October 25, 2017 (Wed):

  • 7:00 am - 2:30 pm: Student Council field trip to Rockford
  • 8:00 am: Parent Portals (Gradebook) Opens
  • 1st Period: UW Milwaukee rep in Guidance
  • 12:55 pm: Evacuation Drill
  • 8th Period: University of Iowa rep in Guidance (report after drill is complete)
  • 5:30 pm: Winter Coaches Meeting in Cafeteria
  • 7:00 pm: Winter Sports Parent/Athlete Meeting in Landers Pavilion

October 26, 2017 (Thurs):

  • 1st Period: Knox College rep in Guidance
  • 2nd Period: Michigan Tech University rep in Guidance
  • 8th Period: Vanderbilt University rep in Guidance
  • 9th Period: Univ. of Illinois -Springfield rep in Guidance

October 27, 2017 (Fri):

  • 8:55 am: All School Mass - Grandparent Mass! All are welcome to attend!
  • 9th Period: Univ. of Oregon rep in Guidance

Check out our detailed Athletic Calendar for all practice times and "Away" games for this week!

Interested in any Clubs & Organizations? Check out the Clubs/Organizations page for more information and a calendar of meeting times!

Illinois' New Tax Credit Scholarship Program Information

A compromise between Republicans and Democrats resulted in a new law that will create a more equitable formula for funding public schools and provide a Scholarship Tax Credit for those who wish to support private schools. This provision allows taxpayers to donate to scholarship-granting organizations and receive a 75% credit against their taxes. We believe this will generate more funds for scholarships and enable some families to choose a private school that best meets their children's needs. Since these scholarships are reserved for low- and middle-income families, some of our current students will be eligible. For more details about the program, check out this direct link to information at Diocese of Rockford: Dept. of Educational Services.

HERE'S THE LATEST UPDATE: The Scholarship Granting Organization for Illinois, Empower Illinois, is currently working on launching their website (which will include all the detailed information regarding applications, etc.) by NOVEMBER 1, 2017. This bill just recently passed in September, so you can imagine the priority of setting up the logistics of this process. Once this site launches, and we (Marian Central) will gather all the specific details and will begin to share out links and information. We are also planning to host an informational meeting here at Marian in November so we can provide our families with timely material on this opportunity!

If you are interested in sharing your support for this new law, please call state Rep. Reick at (815) 880-5340 and state Sen. Althoff at (815) 455-6330 with the following message:

As a Catholic school parent, I thank you for voting "Yes" on SB 1947, which creates the new Scholarship Tax Credit. My family is grateful for your support.

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40% Off Sale at Lands End!

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Starting on October 23rd (first day of Quarter 2) we will be switching over to Marian Central uniform sweaters! Students will be required to wear a white or light blue dress shirt under the MC sweater, as well as long uniform pants and appropriate shoes. Young men should wear a tie. Should students need to "layer up," they are welcome to continue wearing their MC fleece jackets or 3/4 zip pull-over. This sale is a great opportunity to grab a few extra items - or one of the fleece options to add to your collection!

Click Here to Shop Lands' End!

Simply select Marian Central as your school, and our uniforms will show on your screen!

Underclassmen Portraits Scheduled for October 24th!

Underclassman Student Portraits will take place on October 24th through all the gym classes. We provided EVERY student with DeWane's portrait order forms through first hour classes - and we have EXTRA ORDER FORMS on hand in the school office, but here is a downloadable form you can print off and prepare payment. Please send completed form, with a check payable to DeWane Studios, in an envelope WITH YOUR STUDENT on October 24th. The student will turn in their form and payment as they sit for portraits.

Student School Portrait Order Form

PLEASE NOTE: All students MUST be in FULL Marian uniform (sweaters, etc.) Please see the MC Uniform visual guide, should you have any questions or concerns!

Attention Families with Students with IEP, 504 plan, and/or ISP plan!

Come learn more about TRANSITION PROGRAMS at a local College Fair! This is a WONDERFUL resource for many of our dear families!

The CHOICES Program is a postsecondary planning evening for college bound students with an IEP, 504 plan, official accommodations plan, or history of a disability. Approximately 60 colleges, universities and college transition programs have signed up for the CHOICES college fair to meet with families and discuss the disability support services available at their institutions.

This year’s program will take place on

Wednesday, October 25, 2017 from



Glenbrook North High School in Northbrook, Illinois.

Breakout Session Topics 6:00-7:30pm

Mental Health Supports in College – Northern Illinois University

Autism Supports in College - Loras College

Accessing Support on a Small Campus - University of Denver

Accessing Support on a Large Campus - University of Missouri

College Fair 7:00 - 8:45 PM

Click HERE for the 2017 Flyer

INCubator Program Gains MOMENTUM!

Our INCubator@mcchs program celebrates QUARTER ONE milestone! We thought you would enjoy some of these STUDENT REFLECTIONS that have already come out of this wonderful program!

. . .Now I am actively expressing my ideas and concerns for the betterment of the group and our product. My team has become more comfortable with each other as people and I think that it has really helped us our business plan. My team struggled at the beginning, mainly with working together and trusting each other. Through the process my team has grown and we have explored each other’s strengths and weaknesses so we can assign certain tasks to the right people who will get the job done accurately and well. My team has grown a lot and I don’t think another team works as well together than we do. . .

. . .So far in this short amount of time with working with our team we have found out that communication is key for a success for business. One example of this would be when conducting interviews ,we had to be clear on who are target audience was and who and where everyone was going to interview so we didn't hit the same people. So far today we have a great mentor to help us get in contact with people and to show us ways on how to handle situations. . .

. . .I believe that this class so far is a necessity to all teens interested in going into business later in life so you can get a feel of the hard work, find the true passion in something you care for, and know how to make yourself different than others based purely upon research and reviews on competitors, realizing your issues and fixing them, interviewing others to see if your idea truly is a problem, etc. It is also good to get the feeling of a fail under your belt so we know how to cope with it later on in life when it happens again. . .

. . .Throughout this process, I have also learned a few thing about myself. I have always thought of myself as more of a follower and listener in a team, yet I have found myself assuming the role of a leader in my group. I have learned that I am a much better public speaker than I had previously imagined and that I value the data aspect of identifying a customer segment a lot. Based off what I have learned about myself, I can take this new role I have assumed as a leader and apply it to my studies and future business opportunities. ..

There are SO MANY moments while reading the above student-reflections that we find ourselves nodding along in agreement - but it is just astonishing to consider that these insightful reflections are coming from juniors and seniors in high school. It is clear that this program is truly igniting a drive and determination within our students. What's more - BECAUSE we offer this nationally-recognized program at our dear school, we can infuse the discussion with moral and spiritual considerations that are so needed within the corporate world!

Click HERE for the latest INCubator@mcchs Newsletter!

If you know anyone who might not be able to volunteer their time as a COACH or a SPONSOR, please have them contact Mr. Jim Sarther at


If you have been contacted by Mrs. Carlton regarding any missing immunizations or student records (such as copy of birth certificate, etc.) - please help us maintain a healthy and safe school environment by providing these documents by TUESDAY, October 31st.

Many parents of SENIORS may not have known that the state is now mandating the booster for Meningitis PRIOR to entering into the 12th grade. Previously,this was a recommended vaccine as students head off to college. Please see the Immunization Schedule published by the Illinois Department of Public Health for more information. Please double check this mandated list of required immunizations against your most recent records to make sure your student is up-to-date and send those updates to our school office by Tuesday, October 31st.

Also - many area Walgreens locations offer walk-in immunizations for Meningitis and other required vaccines. Click here to visit Walgreens' adolescent immunization availability!


Please be aware of upcoming college application deadlines. Many colleges may have a November 1st Early Action deadline. Please turn your transcript and guidance counselor recommendation requests into guidance in a timely manner. If you need a guidance counselor's recommendation for any colleges with November 1st deadlines, please turn in your request by Monday, October 23. Click on this link for the "Transcript Request Form". Any questions, please call the guidance office at 815-338-4220 ext. 115.

Spread the Word: MC Open House Nov. 5th from 1 - 3pm!

Please help spread the word about Marian Central's Open House event on November 5th from 1-3 pm! We have 45 newsletters from the past year that have kept our dear Marian families updated on all the wonderful school news, innovations in education, and our sincere care for our students and families - and we are SO BLESSED to have your continued support!

We would love to spread that message to others who may not have considered Marian Central in their child's educational plan.

If every Marian family could help share information about our upcoming Open House events through social media - or just word-of-mouth with friends and family - imagine how we could grow our enrollment in ALL our wonderful Catholic schools!

We have just launched several ads through Facebook - so please "like" our page, share our ads, and help us all WELCOME new families into our entire school community! We also have an MC Twitter page, as well as an MC Instagram account to help stay connected with our students, families, and dear alumni!

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