HMS Weekly

March 22, 2020

Hoboken Middle School Family,

I am so proud of all of my students as you complete a full week of remote learning. I miss seeing you each day and hope you and your families are doing well.

Even though we are not gathering as a physical school each day, we are truly a school community. Our students, parents, guardians, teachers, counselors and staff have come together to create a unique and supportive learning community. I know that you may be stressed and feeling a little uncertain at this time, but let me reassure you and ask that if you are feeling that way you should reach out to me or a teacher to help ease your mind. Whether it is a phone call, email, or video chat we will take the time to discuss and support you and your child.

Here is some useful information:

HMS School Spirit Week ~ Starting March 23rd

See the flyer below to find the theme for each day. Send your photos each day to participate in the daily activities to

Food Distribution:

Please remember that we will continue to distribute "grab and go" meals out of Hoboken High School's Cafeteria, Monday through Friday from 8:30 a.m. until 10:30 a.m. If getting to the high school each day is too difficult, please let the food service workers know and they will package multiple days of meals together for you at once.

Tech Support:

If you or your children are experiencing problems with technology, the district has created an email specifically dedicated to technology questions or issues. You may send all questions to

Hoboken School District YouTube Channel:

Here is the link:

Subscribe to the channel so you can access all the most recent videos.

Teacher Support:

The Hoboken Middle School staff will remain ready and available for academic support while your child navigates their remote learning experience. Teachers will be available via Google Classroom, Email and Zoom. Please see the bottom of the newsletter for a directory of emails for all faculty and staff at HMS.

Supporting Families During COVID-19:

Johns Hopkins CTY Parent Information:

The Johns Hopkins Center for Talented Youth online courses will remain active throughout the entirety of the district’s remote learning plan for grades 2 - 8. Therefore, there will still be 3 - 5 hours of required coursework to complete per week in order to meet the course ending deadlines for both the three-month and six-month course options.

You will continue to receive email communications on assignment completion, feedback and grades from your child’s Johns Hopkins CTY online course instructor. If you have any questions at all, he or she will remain the first point of contact in regards to CTY curriculum and coursework completion.

Ms. Tara Donnelly will continue to be aware of all Johns Hopkins CTY emails from your child’s CTY online course instructor. Please email her at should you have any questions.

Please email or call if you have any questions.

Ms. Marra

Acting Principal

Hoboken Middle School

Let's Show Our School Spirit!!!!

Each day let's participate in the school spirit activities listed below! Email your photo to

Big picture

A Message From Your Guidance Counselor ~ Ms. D'Anna

HPS Guidance: A Message from Ms. D’Anna

Yoga with Ms. Beriloff

HPS: Yoga with Ms. Beriloff
HPS: Yoga with Ms. Beriloff (Part II)

HMS Band

Jerramy practicing at home...

Virtual Learning - Tuba

Jayla Dale playing Viva La Vida...

Virtual Band- Viva La Vida Flute

HMS Artist's Corner

Art @ home by Tasha in grade 6

Big picture

Ace hard at work...

Big picture

Jaylin at work...

Alex doing the last part of his work for the day....

Big picture

Krystal hard at work...

Big picture

Yazleen diving into "We Beat the Streets"...

Trey and Doc Holiday ready to get some work done!

Big picture

Gabriela remote learning and praying for Italy...

Big picture

Eddie & Isaiah working hard...

Big picture

Darien focusing on his studies...

Jayson organized and ready to go...

Big picture

Isabella starting the day off at her desk...

Big picture

Heatlh Activities @ Home for JJ!

Paz hard at work...

Big picture

Jordan ready to get started....

Big picture

Sierra ready to get to work...

Miguel ready to start the day...

Big picture

David hard at work...

Ethan hard at work on his math....

Big picture

Sebastian learning to hang a nail as his extra-curricular activity for the day...

Big picture

Peter doing his work and helping his brother in 5th grade...

Big picture

Camila working remotely with a friend...

Big picture

HMS Useful Links

HMS School Directory ~ Updated

HMS Remote Learning Pathway Directions for Parents & Google Classroom Codes