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October 25, 2019

Working as a Team

I want to thank all of you for your flexibility and support this week as we plugged holes and found ways to cover classes in ways we hadn't though to before due to the huge volume of folks out. I so appreciate folks eating lunch in the cafeteria yesterday, welcoming students in to your classrooms from other classes, covering classes that you weren't expecting--and I even need to send a thanks to Palmer for sending us a person to help in a pinch yesterday. It truly has been a team effort and I am thankful for everyone's positive attitude and willingness to be flexible and do what needed to be done to ensure as calm and predictable environment as possible.

Special shout out to Judy for her advance planning, recalculations, and finding multiple options to problem solve the puzzle of needs this week. We so love you Judy for all that you do for us at Lincoln!

Speaking of Subs

PLEASE be as proactive as possible when you know you are going to be out and need a sub. Based on my approvals, many of you have already plugged in months in advance absences for PD and other appointments in Skyward. Do not forget about SFE and get those requests in there too so we can have a fighting chance for the very few subs the district seems to have at the moment. We know that we will enter the "sick season" and subs will be hard to come by. Being as proactive as possible is our best line of defense to get folks in to cover our classrooms!


If you were evaluated last year with TEAM, you need to sign off on you 2018-2019 Final Level of Effectiveness (LOE). Follow the steps below to complete this task. This needs to be completed by Friday, November 1, 2019.

  1. Login into TNCompass –
  2. Click on "My Educator Profile"
  3. In the upper right corner, click on the blue box that says "View all evaluation(s)."
  4. Select "2018-2019 Teacher Evaluation"
  5. You can review all the information from last year's evaluation. If you desire, you can click on the blue circled "i" next to Level of Overall Effectiveness to see how your final LOE was calculated.
  6. Scroll to the bottom of the main screen and enter your PIN.


United Way contribution form was placed in your mailbox. Extra copies are in the office if you need one, please see Judy Hooker. All contributions will be turned in to her also. Thank you for your consideration in contributing to the United Way of Greater Kingsport!

November Newsletter

Grade level updates and any other items for the November Newsletter need to be turned into Suzanne by Thursday, October 31st by the end of the day. Thank you for your contributions to our newsletter.

Tracking and Analyzing our Data

Reminder from last week: As we did last spring I am asking you to please review your DRA and 9 weeks data in order to reflect on the data, identify what the data is telling us about our students current learning reality, and what we need to do instructionally to address what the data is telling us. We will use the same form as we did last spring to review our data. If you are a math teacher (grades 3-5) you will just need to analyze your 9 weeks data completed before break. All other teachers will have DRA and if a 3rd -5th grade teacher you will also have the ELA 9 weeks data.

I realize that there isn't a spread sheet for that latest 9 weeks test because we have stepped away from Unify due to the lawyers, but I know many of you have personal notes regarding student performance /grades. Please use that to help analyze the data from those assessments. The link to the form is below. Please make a copy of the form before you enter your data. It is also in the Lincoln Elementary Shared drive all the way at the bottom below the folders as an individual document. You can store that sheet in your grade level PLC folder in our shared drive or your personal drive. I do ask that you have a copy for me (either send electronically) or have it at our last PLC meeting this month. When we review student work that last meeting on the 29th or 30th we will spend some time talking about or data and next steps in addition to talking about this month's standard focus.

Upcoming Events

Monday, Oct. 28

  • Club Time--1:30-2:15
  • Faculty Meeting --3:40-5:00--library

Tuesday, Oct. 29

  • ELA PLC Meetings--grade level planning
  • Math Walk Throughs with Pam and Shasta
  • Spark 3:30-5:00---Gym

Wednesday, Oct 30

  • Math PLC Meetings--Grades 3,4 and 5 Grade Level meetings

Thursday, Oct 31

  • Fall Fun Day 11:30 start (for Fundraiser Folks) 12:00-2:20 for everyone.
  • Grade level and any other information for November Newsletter due.

Friday Nov 1

  • Spark 3:30-5:00--Gym

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