Giant Pandas

By:Dylan Truss

How do Giant Pandas survive?

The giant panda survives by living in a protected area in China.The giant panda lives off of bamboo,grass,bulbs,insects,rodents,and sometimes large animals.Bamboo normally grows by sprouting new shoots from under ground rock stocks.At intervals from forty to one hundred years.The bamboo plants blossom.produce seeds,then dies.

What habitat do Giant Pandas live in?

The habitat that Giant pandas live in is the sub-alpine spruce bamboo forest in eastern China.Giant pandas also live in the bamboo forest in upper mountain slopes.Since the Giant panda obtains so little nutrient value from the bamboo,it must eat enormous quantities of the plant each day,about thirty five pounds of leaves and stems,in order to satisfy its energy requirements.

Why where Giant Pandas going extinct?

A main threat to Giant pandas is poaching.The main target for poachers are Pandas because of the striking color of its hide.


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