Marquita Rowe

Describe a situation during your life in which your creativity was inhibited

As I look back over my life and the paths that I have choosen I try to think of a time where my creativity was inhibited. It took me back to when I was in high school. It was my World History class. This class was not on of my favorites at all but I still tried my best to make it as interesting as possible. I cant remember exactly what the assignment was but I know it was a writing assignment. I remember that much because it was the only assignment that I was ever interested in doing. I thought that I had put my all into this assignment and for once I put forth over and beyond effort for this assignment. Having to put my own creativity into this assignment is what made it so much more important to me. Being that I was raised in church and living in a small town everyone pretty much know each other. In this paper there were religious remarks as well as fiction. Being that this paper I knew this was an "A" paper. After about a few days we received the papers back and I had gotten an "C". I was very disappointed and didn't know why. After reading over the paper and seeing all the remarks that were made I was still not convienced that this was an "C" paper. So, I spoke with the teacher and the criticism that I received back was still to my liking. I then spoke with my English teacher and let her read my paper. It took her about two days to get back with me but her remarks where no where near the history teacher. I was very sad about the grade and really never tried that hard in that class again.



Having your own identity is very important, it is what separates you from everyone else. Everyone has there own identity and how they use it is up to them.


Based from my experience that I had in High School I feel that having someone to help you along the way and encourage you to keep going no matter what is very important. Being that I lost that encouragement in that class because of my paper it hindered me a lot. If I would have still been encourage I would of put forth more effort and would of finished that class with a A instead of a C. Having encouragement is the best thing one could have.