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Support Representative, Jessica Bull, will be on campus Monday if you'd like to inquire about positions for our area:)!

Micah 6:8 Do Justice, Love Kindness, Walk in humility

Family Pledge & Presentation: Protzmann Family

Class Presentation (optional topic): Family Traditions; Tell the class about the things that you do to celebrate one of the following: Birthdays, Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year's Day or Family Time using props or key words on note cards (Essentials & Challenge preparation). Skill: Volume & Clarity

Family Clean Up Schedule:

Protzmann, Darwin, Wittenmyer, Neu, Persinger, Ketcham, Smith

Community Calendar

Sept 16: Coffee & Common Topics

Sept 19: Essentials Open House

Sept 23: Popcorn & Pudewa @ Dainyell's

Sept 24: IEW Video Lake Retreat @ Vicki's

Sept 26: Pizza & Crazy Hair Day, Deadline for Medieval Times sign up

Sept 27: Tutor Meeting

Sept 29: Pathway to Presidency

Suggested Reading Week 5

Choose ONE: Kings and Queens of England, The Sword in the Tree, The Whipping Boy, Guts & Glory: The Vikings, Tales of Robin Hood, Sir Lancelot the Great, The King's Equal, The Apprentice, Castle Diary, Beowulf, The Golden Goblet, Augustine Farmer's Boy of Tagaste, The Magna Carta, Saint George and the Dragon, Joan of Arc, The Door in the Wall, Medieval Medicine and the Plague by Lynne Elliott

Ongoing: The Story of the World: The Middle Ages, How to Teach Your Children Shakespeare, Everything You Need To Know About Science Homework

Foundations to Challenge

This week your students will learn about perspective in drawing. You can further these lessons at home with the Prescripts Cursive Sentences and Art Lessons: Medieval and World History. Students will use these lessons in perspective to draw world maps in Challenge I and to understand and appreciate works of art in Challenge II.

Classical Christian Education

One gentleman, shaking and sweating at the beginning of a one-day workshop, admitted to the group he was shocked to display such real fear over the idea of possibly being unable to draw. He said he was sorry he had come; he was sure he'd fail. By the end of the day, he was beaming with pride at his accomplishments and said that if he could draw, anyone could.

-Mona Brookes, Drawing with Children

"Kids are humans, not machines; let them draw!"

-Leigh Bortins

Kala Podea, Director of Foundations/Essentials

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