Around Bulgaria in 6 Weeks

The story of a small town girl with a big ol' dream

There once lived a girl from a land far, far away...

Her name was Mei, a nondescript university graduate who hailed from the beautiful tropical country of Malaysia. After years of tertiary education, she realised that she lacked the necessary skills and life experiences that would make her an outstanding psychologist. Thus began her arduous yet exhilarating journey of self-discovery.

Malaysia - the land of mixed spices

In the heart of Southeast Asia lies immeasurable charm and intrigue - Malaysia. Anyone who has been to Malaysia will wholeheartedly agree that the best asset of this delectable country is its food. We love food. Food is life; food is love. It brings us together, and so we are fiercely proud of our local dishes.

To me, Malaysia is a true paradise. It possesses fascinating and diverse cultures, the traditional and the modern, untouched rainforests, pristine islands and beaches, and abundant riches in flora and fauna. But more importantly, it is where my heart belongs, and I would be deeply honoured to share my culture and my roots with people around the globe.

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A life changing experience in Bulgaria

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Why I chose to be a Global Citizen

After spending long, sleepless nights pondering about the future, I stumbled upon AIESEC's Global Citizen program. One particular project snagged my interest - the opportunity to work with children in Bulgarian hospitals.

Everything seemed to fall into place:

  • A project that combines my interest in Child Psychology and education - check!
  • A chance to visit and explore cultures from a part of the world I have never set foot on - check!
  • An opportunity to contribute something meaningful to society - check!

The more I researched on Bulgaria, the more I fell in love with it. The historical buildings and architecture, the fire-dance ritual, tarator... I desperately wanted to experience all of it with my own senses.

So now my exchange is confirmed, and my bags are packed. With all my heart and soul, I hope you will welcome me with open arms.

благодаря! :)