Plymouth Colony

By:Paige Edwards

The pilgrims went sailing on the ship the Mayflower headed toward Virginia in 1620.The pilgrims believed they should get to worship as they want to.Pilgrims were people who didn't want to go to the Church of England.

Church of England

People of England were told they had to go to the Church of England or they would face a penalty.Pilgrims thought they should make a new colony so they could plainly go after their religious beliefs.

The Virginia Company

The Virginia Company made a deal that they would pay so the pilgrims could go to North America to start a new settlement. Then the pilgrims would give the company new lumber and fur from their new settlement.

The Plymouth Colony

During the pilgrim's trip to Virginia,some storms wafted the ship the Mayflower off of it's course.The ships settled at Cape Cod,in what now is Massachusetts.The pilgrims picked a location,which they called Plymouth.The colony was positioned on a deep harbor.
Pilgrims are people who go on journeys for religious reasons.A lot of the English Settlers passed away that winter when they were sailing.The pilgrim's new colony had fresh water and good land so they could grow crops.