The Suprising Foot

Will your footprint change the way you think ?

What is a carbon footprint?

A carbon footprint is the total sets of greenhouse gases which is carbon dioxide produced by natural occurrences.

Change your ways before its to late!

Families all over the world have different needs, but we have taken our footprint to far. This generation is not recycling, not eating right and building energy sucking houses! Families truly need to change their ways, so that the future generation can have the life that they have now.

How to change your ways and the Earths lifestyle

There are many ways you can save our future generation, these ways could include:

  • recycling
  • turning off the lights/power points when they aren't getting used/needed
  • eating less packaged foods and more local grown products.
  • build an energy efficient home
  • start using grey water
  • having solar water and electricity
  • stop using plastic