Miss. Spears' K5 Field Trip

Greenville Zoo Trip

When are we going?

We will leave at 9 AM and will be back by 1:15 PM on February 12th.

Why are we going?

We are going to learn about the different characteristics of animals. We will learn about their senses, environment, what they need to survive, etc.


  • $10 per child
  • $15 per adult (only accepting 3 chaperons)


The deadline for the permission slips and money will be on Monday, 2/8/15.

  • I will not take any after that date.


Lunch will be provided by the school, they may bring a bagged lunch if wanted.


I am only accepting three chaperons.

  • Once I have three chaperones I will not accept any more.

Science Standards

K.L.2A.3 K.L.2A.4 K.L.2A.5 K.L.2A.6

Obtain information to answer questions about different organisms found in the environment (such as plants, animals, or fungi).

Conduct structured investigations to determine what plants need to live and grow (including water and light).

Develop and use models to exemplify how animals use their body parts to (1) obtain food and other resources, (2) protect themselves, and (3) move from place to place.

Analyze and interpret data to describe how humans use their senses to learn about the world around them.

Construct explanations from observations of what animals need to survive and grow (including air, water, nutrients, and shelter).

Obtain and communicate information about the needs of organisms to explain why they live in particular areas.