Mrs. Waggy's Weekly News

Week of September 19th - 23rd

Important Dates and Reminders


* I originally planned to provide a monthly newsletter. However, I have decided to try the use of a weekly update instead. I will post this information to Bloomz and my website each week. If you would like a paper copy please let me know.

* Progress reports are sent home every Monday in the clear pocket of your child's agenda. Please review, sign, and return to school.

*Please put all money and notes to me or the office in the clear pocket of your child's agenda

Important Dates

* Wednesday, September 21st - Math Unit 2 Test (related facts and money)

*Thursday, September 22nd - PTA movie night (CANCELLED)

* Thursday, September 22nd Verb Quiz

* For the verb Quiz students will need to identify the verb in a simple sentence ( i.e. Fred walked to the store) and list some examples of verbs (write the word and draw a detailed picture showing the action)*

What Are Learning This Week

I can...

I can summarize stories including the beginning, middle, an end (sol 2.8h)

Identify the problem and solution in a story (sol 2.8 f)

I can write simple explanations (sol 2.12a)

I can use complete sentence to write (sol 2.13a)

I can identify verbs (sol 2.13j)

I can recognize and create related facts (sol 2.9)

I can identify equivalent values and equations ( 8 = 8 and 8 = 4+4)

I can use a map to locate land and water features (2.6 a, b,c)