Abigail Adams

By: Haley Dunham


Who was Abigail Adams? Well if you want to learn who she is then I will tell you all about her. The first thing I will be talking about is her childhood and family. Then we'll learn about when she married her husband John Adams, who was the second president. Lastly I will be talking about why she was important to the U.S. As a result I have a lot to teach you, so let's get started.

Abigail's early life

First of all, Abigail was born in Weymouth, Massachusetts on November 22,1744. Her father was William Smith. Her mother was Elizabeth Quincy Smith. Abigail didn't go to school, because most girls in those days didn't. Instead of going to school her mom taught her how to read, written arithmetic, cooking, and sewing. By the age of five she was responsible to do daily chores.

Abigail and John

Now let's fast forward to when Abigail was married. She married a young man named John Adams. They were married on October 25, 1764. Abigail was almost 25 years old and was thin and quiet. John was 29. He was 17 inches taller than Abigail and was slightly plump. Abigail's mom and dad didn't approve of John. Abigail and John had six children, but sadly one was a stillborn.

Why Abigail Adams was important

When John Adams became the president, Abigail became very important to the United States. One of the reasons she was important was because of her husband John Adams. Abigail Adams became the first lady on March 1801. She was 52 years old. Another reason why she was important was because her son, John Quincy, became the sixth president of the United States. Abigail sent a lot of love letters to John during the Continental Congress, many of which are in museums today. During her life, she went through pain, war, disease, hardship and so much more for this country.

Abigail Adams


In conclusion, we have learned a lot about Abigail Adams early life, such as she didn't attend school. Then she married John Adams and became the first lady. She wrote many letters to him. Lastly, she was important lady to the United States. Abigail Adams was an extraordinary lady.


Plump .Slightly fat

Written arithmetic .The sum of all of the numbers in a list divided by the number of the items in the list

Stillborn .The baby dies inside the moms belly


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