Manchesters, stick together

Votes for all

We have to fight for our rights and get more power

People in England have been suffering for a lot of years. The landowners have been treating us like rubbish. If we all come together we can win them and be the defeaters, not the defeated. Don't you think life would be easier if we did that? We have to stick together and be strong, if we won't then we will lose this war. For many years, the landowners haven't heard our voice, they don't want to. Come to our meeting place and let's get our powers back.

Our meeting:

Monday, Aug. 16th 1819 at 11pm

Saint Peters Field


We will all show up and fight for what's right. We have to show them what we want and that we have to get it. Every manchester come to our even and fight for what we have to. Children, women and men, we all have to stick together to get what we came for.