Ahna C. Module 1 Honors Assignment

Which paper towel brand is the strongest/most absorbent?


The bounty paper towel brand will absorb the most the most liquid compared to the other two brands.


paper towels



cups (squeeze milk into)


Experiment setup


same size of paper towels from each brand *one sheet*

amount of milk used to test how absorbent each towel is

Independent Variable:

different brands of paper towels

Dependent Variable:

amount of milk in the beakers

(will be measured by amount of milk squeezed out of the towel after the trials)

Brands Shown Below:


1. Gather all your materials

2. Pour 90 ml. of milk into beaker

3.Pour 30 ml. of milk on first brand of towel

4. Let sit for 30 seconds

5. Squeeze milk out of first brand of paper towels, and put into one cup

6. Record how much milk was squeezed out using a pipette

7. Repeat procedure with the other two brands

Results/Conclusion: My results proved that the Sparkle brand of paper towels was the most absorbent. My hypothesis was incorrect, because the Sparkle brand absorbed more liquid milk then Bounty. I feel like the more trials you run the more accurate my results could have been. This should be useful to people buying paper towels, because it shows which towel brand can be most dependent.