Body Building Addiction 💪🏽 🏋

The life that kills you

Why people do bodybuilding

People start bodybuilding because they are insecure about themselves so they try to be all big so people will look at them and be like, he has some big muscles. They do that until they start looking at their own self in mirror.

What it leads to

  • Steroid abuse
  • No sleep
  • At the gym 24/7
  • Taking testosterone powder's
  • Extreme profanity
  • Migraines

Some major bodybuilders Ronnie Colemen, Kali Muscle, and The Hodgetwins

Must bodybuilders get hurt

Ronnie Coleman Got hurt

He decide to push the limits and squat 1,000 pounds and broke his back in the process of doing that. Here's what he looks like now

By Triston McDonald