Endangered Polar Bears

Name : Polar Bear Scientific name : Urus Maritimus Animal Group : Usidee

Description - Color : White to creamy yellow

Size Range : 7.25 to 8 ft

Weight Range :900 to 1 , 600 pounds

Outstanding Characteristics- Black foot pads (papillae) , thick layer of blubber beneath their fur

Animal Habitat Description : edges of pack ice where currents and wind interact forming a continually melting and refreezing matrix of ice particles and leads

Where in the world is the animal found ? North America - U.S , Canada

Asia- Russia

Europe- Norway , Greenland

Food : Seal , scavenge on carasses of beluga , whales , walruses

Five Interesting Facts : 1. Polar bear babies weigh more than a pound first born

2. Only humans prey or hunt polar bears

3. Fur is oil and water repellent

4.Tend to overheat more than be cold

5. Don't hibernate

Why is the animal endangered ? Global warming - rising temperatures cause sea ice to disappear for long and longer periods

  • Cant hunt
  • losing their habitat

How many animals are estimated to be alive in the world ?
22,00 - 40,000

Role of the animal in the ecosystem and its importance in the global environment ?

-Polar bears are known as a keystone species , the apex of the ecosystem,they keep the biological population in balance. They're also a sign if health for the ecosystem. If the keystone species , a polar bear , is in trouble then that's a sign that the whole ecosystem is in trouble.

Why should the polar bear be saved ?

-In order for the biological population of the ecosystem to stay balanced polar bears are needed.Polar bears are also needed to help detect health issues of the ecosystem.

What conservative efforts are being made to save this animal ?

Protecting critical habitat

Reducing industrial impacts

Creating safer communities

Steps that can be taken to save this animal?

The steps that can be taken to save this animals according to the website Social Interactions Transportation Home and Work Dining Table Marketplace are

  1. Social Interaction
  2. Transportation
  3. Home and Work
  4. Marketing