News from Fourth Grade

September 7-September 11

Here's a look at what we've been up to!

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Schedule Change

Just as our fourth grade class split into three sections, our first grade has also split into three sections, therefore we have some changes in our schedule.

We will now have second lunch/recess which is from 11:45 to 12:45. We will have P.E. and Music on Mondays, Tuesdays, and Fridays and Art and P.E. on Thursdays. Please make sure your student has their gym shoes here at school on those days.

This schedule begins on Tuesday (9/8)! Thanks for your understanding!

What's Happening???


This week we will be continuing to work in the launching unit of our new Schoolwide reading curriculum with some interactive read alouds. We will be discussing how to make meaning of what we read, how to figure out the meaning of unknown words, and how to share our thinking with others. Students will be silent reading every day and taking AR tests as they are ready for them.


We will be continuing to work on some basics of multiplication and division and then dive into factors and multiples. Students will also be working daily on their math facts.


We will be working in our first writing unit which is realistic fiction. Students will be using events in their own life to help them create a realistic fiction story with believable characters.

Weekly Home Expectations

  • 30 minutes of reading a night recorded on Home Reading Log
  • Math facts practice


  • There will be NO SCHOOL on Monday, September 7th!
  • If your student is a car rider, please remember that students will be walked to the car when it's in the first three spots in line. Please do not walk between cars with your child if you are parked.
  • Please remember that students are no longer allowed to bring in birthday treats. However, they may bring in a non-food item to share with their classmates on their birthday.