trip to Taiwan

What you need to know for the trip

Cultures in Taiwan

Taiwan has many cultures like Buddist culture,Confucisnist culture,Han Chinese culture,Taoist culture,Taiwanese aborigines culture, and Japanese culture. That is also known as the three teachings or Sanjiao.

What Do you wear

You can wear anything if it is traditional or modern day styled clothing. Like sweaters,jeans,t-shirts, and sweat shirts (Mostly like what we wear everyday). During religious holidays they are usally wear chinese robes.

Clothing they wear


Food they eat

Most people eat a bunch of seafood,rice or noodles, and meats like chicken and during holidays there are no food restrictions but you have to give cooked meals to gods and ghosts.

Religious holidays/ceremonies

Some religious holidays the celebrate is the dragon boat festival,lantern festival,New Years day,chinese new year, and national day.