Kindergarten News ACES

Week Of December 4th

Highlights from last week....

We did not waste any time getting back into "work" mode! We are doing so many new and wonderful things in the classroom.

In Reader's Workshop, we continued to look at the picture AND the first letter of the word to see if it makes sense! This week practiced our strategy of matching the picture and the first letter and then looking through the whole word. This week our class had SO many "AHA" moments during reader's workshop. Many of our friends were using the strategy successfully this week. It is so AWESOME to hear the children gasp when they figure out the strategy on their own. The excitement of them wanting to share their reading is so wonderful.

In Writer's Workshop, we have been focusing on opinion writing. After reading the a story they have to state and draw why they did or did not like the book and why. They have become better at adding details, action and speech bubbles to their work. We still need some work with adding words and sentences to match our pictures.

In Math, we finished our unit on Shapes and completed our assessment. Most of our friends did really well. Overall, we noticed that we need work on positional words. For example, behind, in front of, next to, beneath, and beside. Please use these words in conversation at home to help reinforce their meaning in real life situations.

In Phonics, we have finished our first unit, which includes the introduction of ALL the letters and sounds. Many of our friends are still working on letter names and their sounds. Please practice these with the flashcards that were sent home.

During our read alouds, we focused on key details in the text such as the characters, the problem and the solution. We have been working on sharing our thoughts with evidence from the text.

A peek at our learning this week....

This week will be a fun week of learning.

In Reader's Workshop, we will practice our strategy of matching the picture and the first letter and then looking through the whole word. I know it seem like we have been at this strategy for a LONG time, however, it is a big concept for our small people. This is the foundation of becoming a successful reader and it requires A LOT of practice.

As we mentioned earlier, many of our friends are almost mastering the skill. Once, they have mastered it, we will work with them individually to conquer the next strategy. We are really pushing them to be the best reader they can be! We hope you are seeing this at home!

In Math, we began our unit on measurement. We compared length and height this week. We are working on using the words; taller, shorter, and longer. At home, please work with your child and have them use these words in a sentence. For example, "The tree is taller than the house". "The soda bottle is shorter than the cereal box". "The pencil is longer than the crayon". Please remember if you are talking about items that are being compared up and down (vertical), use the word taller. If you are comparing items that are side to side (horizontal), use the word longer. The word shorter can be used with both taller and longer. I hope this makes sense. Have your child show you the hand motions to help them with this concept.

In Writer's Workshop, we will continue to write our opinions on stories that we have read.

In Phonics, we will practice tapping out the sounds in CVC words in order to read them. At this time, the majority of our friends know their letters, so we will not be having a letter study of the week. Thank you for practicing at home, it has made a HUGE difference. There are still some children that are still struggling with their letters and these friends will be working with us and other teachers during small group time to master their letters. This week we are really practicing on recognizing beginning and ending sounds, rhyming words, writing words using letter sounds, tapping out words. These skills will be introduced this week and practiced continuously over the next several weeks.

In Science, we will be focusing on motion.

We will be having a holiday party on December 22nd. In light of the holiday and literacy, we will be participating in a holiday book swap. Your child will bring in a wrapped book for a child. If they are a boy, they buy a boy book and if they are a girl, they can buy a book for a girl. The dollar value on the books will be between $1.00 and $5.00 (Ocean State Job Lot and Dollar Tree have a great selection for low cost). If it is a hardship and this is not feasible for you, please let us know in advance. We always have extra books that your child can choose and give to their classmate. If you would like to provide a snack, please let us know.

We will read several fun books to reinforce the love of reading. During these read alouds we will be practicing some of our strategies that we are learning in our retelling unit.


ARRSD K-4 Elementary Report Card Changes
Elementary report cards for grades K-4 have been changed to a new standards-based format that will be issued three times a year. We will be piloting the newly designed report cards this year and will be collecting parent feedback to ensure our report cards are clearly communicating student progress in relation to grade-level standards.
Why are report cards changing?
After reviewing our elementary report cards, we realized that they did not reflect recent changes in our standards, curriculum and instruction. The new report cards were developed from the Massachusetts State Standards. Standards are determined at the state level and outline what a student should know or be able to do at each grade level. Massachusetts State Standards guide teacher planning of curriculum, instruction and assessment. Standards-based report cards reflect student progress in meeting grade-level standards. The report cards you will see this year were reviewed by teachers, administrators, consultants and content specialists from the state.
When will I my child receive his/her report card?
Students at ACES and RCS will receive report card three times this year. Your child’s first report card will be distributed at conferences on December 11th & 12th. Second trimester report cards will be distributed in March. The final report card will be sent home with students on the last day of school. Please remember report cards are one form of communication between school and home. If you have questions regarding your child’s progress, please contact your child’s classroom teacher anytime.


Report Cards will go home at conferences. Please make sure that you follow the link that was sent home to set up a date/time.

More information

Many parents are asking what the class needs for supplies. We could use some Clorox Wipes and paper towels. Thank you in advance.


Please practice letters, sounds, and sight words with your child nightly! Thank you!

Thank you!!

Notes from Miss Driscoll

Parent Conferences will be held on December 11th and December 12th. If you haven’t picked a time, please do. If transportation is an issue please let me know so that we can figure out a phone conference time.

Book orders will be placed on December 11th. Please return or order online by this date so that I can place the order as soon as possible.

All important dates for the month will be written on our December calendar, which will be sent home tomorrow. The winter concert will be held December 18th at 9 a.m. We are very excited for it!

Have a great week!

Notes from Mrs. Potter

Please check the December calendars regarding important dates coming up this month!

If you plan to order books from the latest book order, please return your order by December 6th so that they will ship before the holiday break!

Parent conferences/ report card distribution will take place on December 11th and 12th, please sign up if you have not yet picked a time!

Just a reminder that the winter concert will be December 18th at 9 am!

Thank you for all that you do! Please keep practicing sight words and reading at home! :)

Notes from Mrs. Goldthwaite

Home fun activity! Send in your gingerbread person. The ones that have already come back are great! I believe they won't get eaten by that wise fox!

We will have a small guest in our room. We haven't met him/ her yet! But we hear that he visits all classrooms and reports back to the North Pole.

PTO is this Tuesday, December 7th at 6:00 PM. I

Friday, December 15th is Make and Take. This is a great way to have your child make something for other family members to give for a holiday gift. It is a great night. 6:00- 7:30pm.

Scholastic book order will go out on December 6th. This is a great way to get books for our book exchange and books for Christmas. There are some great buys.

Please sign up for parent /teacher conferences. You can sign up on line. I sent home the information last week. If you need me to send it again let me know.

I hope you find time to read with your child during this busy time of year.

Notes from Mrs. Marcoux

Please check the December calendars that were sent home on Friday for important dates this month. The children worked so hard on their winter scenes, it was hard for me to part with them!

Just a reminder that our Winter Concert is December 18th at 9:00 a.m. The children have been doing a great job practicing for the big day.

I will be placing book orders on Dec. 6th so that we will have the books in time for the book exchange at our Holiday Party on Dec. 22nd.

Have a great week!

Mrs. Marcoux

Notes from Mrs. Maillet

Wow! Your children are the best! I love the learning that is happening in the classroom. We are moving right along and the best thing about it is that they are SO EXCITED to share their learning! Keep up the great work! Thank you for all that you do!

I will place the book order for the month of December on the 7th. The shipment will be in before Christmas. Thank you for your support!