Ayn Rand

Love or Hate her, she's controversial!

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The early life of Ayn Rand

The controversial, Ayn Rand, was born in St. Petersburg, Russia, on February 2, 1905. At a young age she taught herself how to read.

At nine years old she wanted fiction writing her career

Her time in high school was insane. She witnessed two revolutions, Bolshevik and Kerensky Revolutions. To avoid the fighting, Ayn Rand family escaped to Crimea, where there she finished high school. She returned to St. Petersburg to then attend the University of Petrograd for her studies of philosophy and history. She graduated in 1924.

Jobs before writing & her first big writing experiences.

For many years Rand worked various jobs, any of which that include a job for RKO Radio Pictures, Inc. She worked in wardrobe for movie roles.

"Red Pawn" a spy thriller, was the first screenplay she sold in 1932.

"Night of January 16th", was her first stage play she written in 1934.

"We the Living", was her first novel that was rejected by many publishers until The Macmillan Company & Cassells and Company published the book two years later.

In the process of "We the living" being published, Ayn began writing The Fountainhead.

Below are the first three works of writing she created.

Author's opinion on her life.

As a young girl, she quickly grew into a young writer. At the age of nine, she wanted her career to be writing works of fiction. Ayn Rand had goals for herself, she motivated herself to pursue this dream of hers.

Taking the chance on the job of working in wardrobe for RKO Radio Pictures, Inc. actually paid off. In 1946, she wrote her first screenplay, play, and novel.

Ayn Rand is one of the most important figures in history. She is bold, remarkable, and fierce.

Why is she so controversial?!

Behind Ayn Rand, is a large cult following. She also has website [ari.aynrand.org] dedicated to teach others about rational self-interest, capitalism and how that can make a "positive impact" on our world.

Ayn Rand is known for being very controversial. One reason is her form of individualism. Another includes her Capitalistic economic system.

Ayn Rand also encourages people to:

  • Follow reason
  • Work hard to achieve life purpose
  • Earn genuine self-esteem
  • Pursue your own happiness and
  • Prosper by treating others as individuals.
Ayn Rand promotes "objectivism."

Other Novels by Ayn Rand include.