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What's Happening in Room 6?

Book Orders

Last week, I sent home November's book order. If you would like to place an order, please do so by Saturday, November 14th. Also, if you would like to purchase them as a gift, please let me know so I can hold onto them and hopefully have them before conference time. Thank you for your support!


This week we tried something new! We used our weekly story, Get the Egg and practiced becoming fluent readers. Each student received a script from the story and they were paired with another student who had a matching script. We practiced and practiced our lines. So far, three courageous groups have read aloud in front of the class!! The kids are really enjoying this activity, so we will be pairing up with Mrs. Lennon's kindergarten class to perform for them on Friday! :)

The transformation has been amazing! "Reader's Theater" is a great way for children to practice their expression and pacing. We will sprinkle other Reader's Theater opportunities throughout the year.


This week, we will practice a few different skills. We started the week by reviewing subtraction strategies. We made a booklet filled with five different subtraction strategies. The strategies include, 10 Frames, Part-Part Whole, Number Lines/Number Grids, Math Pictures, and Fingers. We will use those strategies throughout the school year. Then, we transitioned into counting combinations of nickels and pennies. We are working on exchanging larger groups of pennies for nickels. By the end of the week, we will be reviewing patterns and predicting the next elements in the pattern.


We are about to finish our first Small Moment story. A Small Moment is a story that is zoomed into one part of a larger story. We read The Kissing Hand and A Chair for My Mother to look for small moments. We discovered that Small Moments include lots of details and feelings. The details help a reader visualize the story in their minds.

For the first marking period, we focused on writing a personal narrative. We also stressed the importance of writing a complete sentence which includes a capital letter at the beginning, a complete thought throughout the sentence, and punctuation at the end. Hopefully by our Thanksgiving break, we will be publishing our stories!!


We are about to finish our first Science unit Becoming a Scientist. In this unit, we learned that scientists use their senses to learn about the world. We practiced observing items with our five senses. We also talked about making inferences and sorting objects based upon their attributes. We will finish this unit by Friday and move onto our next Science unit Lights and Shadows!